The Life of a Carver by Joe Rego

The Life of a Carver by Joe Rego

I went to the sawmill today. Thanks for all the kind comments on the first step by step, I will send Milt the start of a new one tonight or tomorrow. They are saying maybe a foot of snow here this weekend so we went to the sawmill to get some wood today.

bought green log for face carving

I bought a 10 inch diameter green log, some bar slabs, and some end slabs. The buckets on the side are my scraps from the inside work. I’m off to the burn pile.

burn pile

Here’s my burn pile, a few years back I lit the field on fire while burning, I burned three quarters of it down. I had to call the firemen, the fire was racing towards the woods. They were thinking of calling the forestry to do a fly over, thank God they got it out, I can’t forget that day.

face carving

Carved a couple of pieces today with my chainsaw, one being this face. It will be a primitive tiki type expression, show you the finished piece in a day or two.

You have to love the picture with the sawdust flying in the air. Here I’m hollowing out the top for the tiki type planter. Not a bad day for a carver.

saw dust and carving face

Man it’s freezing today. My little carving spot you see in the pictures is actually my attic, it was freezing up there today, I had my sweatshirt and down vest on.

final work

They are saying a good snow storm tomorrow so I’m getting some wood inside so i can stay busy. I made a chair today out of the natural slab ends I picked up yesterday, the ones in the van. I really like it, I took the step by steps and will show it somewhere in the future.

The natural slabs add such charm. Here’s my tiki head i roughed out yesterday.

My intentions were to carve this a little more primitive and use some tropical colors purple, green, copper, and gold. After it was done I thought it looked good natural and so it is. I have always like the hand carved angles on the Scandinavian figures so just for fun most of this tiki head I finished with just a straight chisel, maybe you can see the choppy angle cuts. Another day.

Cheers Joe Rego

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