Chess Board
The log (chess board) is Red Cedar, half of the figures are Red Cedar, the others are Pecan.8" dime tip bar, 1/4 pitch unaltered chain was used for the small figures.


  In the  photo's you can see the approximate angle that one holds the saw in order to make the squares. We went to Wally World and bought a chess set and board and copied those measurements. After cutting all the lines in the log, take about 1/2 inch off all the way around, right up the outside of the chess board, in the last picture you can see what I'm talking about. That right there under my Buddy Butch. What we do on small stuff is to draw it on the log, secure your log very well, cut the outlines down and deep enough, then cut the piece out. Now for the fun, secure your chainsaw to a secure table or whatever, secure it real good too, probably with a couple straps. Crank up your chainsaw and with your fingers hold the piece up to the very end of the bar where the chain is going around the dime tip end. Do not get above or below the rounded end, it'll get you if you do, (ask me how I know) then just keep carving away holding the little thing right there on the spinning chain. I would suggest wearing heavy, tight fitting leather gloves and, get a Doctor to check to see if you are in your right mind for even trying this. (I hear that a lot)  I have tried this with Carroll's modified carving chain and DO NOT recommend it for this. Only use a dime tip too.
The reason that I DO NOT recommend Carroll's modified chain is, it will cut too much, too fast for you to hold on to with your fingers.  The un-modified chain acts as a dangerous sander as it spins over the rounded tip of the bar. 
I accidentally used one of the saws with the modified chain (the backs of the cutters cut off at an angle) and liked to have caused serious injury as it spun the piece out of my hand. 
I do not mean to put down Carroll's sharpening ideas, they are just absolutely great, but not for this application.

                 Make sure that your health insurance is paid up and have fun.