Wolf by Joe Rego

Wolf By Joe Rego

We will do a little relief scene in a log this time, I think the texturing is important in this one. Forgive me if my spelling is off, the Lyme has affected my spelling bad. Well we are opening a store in a couple of days, should be an experience. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to let people take pictures of the artsy stuff, I work hard on designing and I've been ripped off, if you want the design your going to have to buy it. You folks think I'm right or is this crazy. I do have a couple of local carvers I like but I think I may tell them no pictures also, I don't know, that will be hard, not my personality.

Peeled green log and my little debarker, I find I use my old saw to debark more and more now, much easier. Cutting in the profile of the wolf, you know I like to undercut the edges a little to make it 3D.

Thanks. Its tough with local carvers cause you end up liking them but it is business and a lot of work. Stinks for someone to come in and start doing everything you've worked on, tough situation with local carvers. Carved in a couple more trees, the wolves mouth and the moon. You can see the undercuts separate the subjects well. Although its a simple design we already have 4 layers to create depth, the wolf, the trees, moon and sky. Try to get another picture up later.

Adding in the eye, ear and nose. Next will come the texturing and paint.100 percent saw, about 15 to 20 minutes so far, all electric saw.


Ok the carving part is done with this one. I've textured the trees like fur texture. I textured the wolf a little and I've given the sky a heavy scallop texture. I did give the moon some texture but wish I didn't, since the moon is in the middle if I had left it really smooth with everything around it textured it would have made for better contrast. You can see the texturing is really grabbing the light already. The paint is coming next. I did center kerf the back.

Here's the base colors, the shading will come next. I am happy with the light hitting the texture.

Here's the finished piece, I used brown for the wolf and don't really like it, the other carving i used gray and its much more wolf like. Hope you enjoyed, Joe