Under Water

Day 4- Went and bought some wholesale gifts to resell at the shop this morning. I've found cool looking carving by the roadside sure can draw people in and then you can sell other things with your carvings. A little easy money, good, cause carving isn't easy. Fun but isn't easy. I usually don't do the same theme two times in a row but I did another under the water thingy today. Struggled with this one more than the first. This carving took 4 tanks of gas,2 with the ms180 and 2 Redmax. It's 99 percent saw. On the way to the shop Paula ran in Wally world so i made a quick sketch of something to carve.


Starting to create layers

Separating layers. Behind the fish I will try for two layers of sea grass. I will try to have one layer swaying one way and the other layer the opposite way. The sea grass blades will be thin cross grain pieces so they may be hard to carve. I thought the vertical sea grass would be good behind the horizontal fish fins.

The two layers of sea grass in, it was tough being cross grain and the fish being in the way. I'm going to add a side fin on to the fish to fill some of the gap, I left to much gap for my liking. I also am not pleased the back layer of grass isn't higher than the layer of grass near the fish but that's the shape of logs. One good thing is this piece wont check much because there isn't much mass anywhere. Add some detail and then the final pictures. Should look good with the other sea theme log.

Done. The add on middle fin is to long. I have shortened it since. About the same price range as the other sea carving