Dinosaur Eggs Step by Step by Joe Rego

 Dinosaur Eggs Step by Step by Joe Rego

This little project is pure fun and makes me chuckle when i look at it. I did this one before Ridgway and took it to Ridgway and Zoe bought it. Just for fun I'm not going to write about it, really nothing to write anyways on this one.

This project is a beginners project but sell like a pros piece. It sells because it quick, cute, and you can price it reasonable because its so quick to carve.

Looks like a basket of dinosaur eggs

I had made them to high and had to trim them lower here.

I had forgotten my gloves this day.

I had to wear Paula's girly gloves, glad no one was around.

Finishing up before painting.

Here's the finished piece and yes they make me chuckle. I would almost bet the house they wont check through an egg, they will check in between the eggs because that is where the least amount of resistance is (the weakest link). To stop it from checking in the front of the nest you can turn the piece upside down and plunge cut into the center making sure you don't go through and run a slice almost to the back of the nest .Run the slice in between two eggs towards the back of the nest, by doing this you have made a weak link in the piece and mostly likely it will open there. Try to make this plunge slice as close to the surface of the nest with out going through, hope you know what I mean.