You cant get much easier than this but I've been selling this well for years and not just at Christmas. Gray is gold or should I say green, that's gray wood I mean (boy that sounds like Dr Suess!). This was done in the winter, great winter electric work. I'm not out for any detail, in fact I want to carve as little wood away as I can to leave the charm of the wood. A terrific beginner project and a good seller for veterans a like. I will take any feedback on these projects, good or bad, let me know you looking. If anyone tries any of the carvers life projects please post them, I would like to see them. Maybe an easy bear chair next. Here's the wood, golden I tell you.
Here she is cut out with the saber saw, ready to shape with the saw.

Starting to shape her, she's primitive but that fine. That's about all of the gray I could leave on her but it will be enough with the gray on her wings.

The wings added. I didn't want to carve any of the gray out so no feathers, all saw so far. The more worm holes you can get the better, I like to distress the wood even more by banging it with screwdrivers and hammers.

Here she is sanded a bit with the angle grinder. She's ready for the final touches, post later.

Here's the finished piece, nothing fancy but like i said sells well. Something about the gray people like, even the gray chainsaw log carvings have a special appeal to them. The halo is copper wire and the star is rusty tin, I like adding mixed media if I can. Carve safe, see you soon, Joe.