Doc Parker's Laying Down Bear
Photo's by Ed Myers

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Take off slab so log lies flat

Start rounding rump end and angle front ahead of where head will go about one fourth of log

Clean off bark on the top and blend into both ends

Cut blunt nosed triangle for head Deeper toward nose, shallower toward back
of head, maybe about "ear deep."

Step cut in ears and shape neck to the back of head

Step cut in the nose and sides of nose from the head mass, also angle off behind ears

Cut out block along side of head down to paw thickness, then cut out V between front paws

Draw on legs a circle for haunch with a small oval for foot, then a nice meaty L for the front leg

Outline and shape around legs raising them above the bears stomach

Hold saw high to make U shaped crescents for the eyes, carve fur, claws, and other details. Takes approximately 45 minutes to carve a 3' bear. Good luck. Doc Parker