Facial Aspects & Perspective Alignment

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  First place the main prospective line, everything else will be done from this line, A. it should be measured from Center of the brow ridge to center of brow ridge, do not use center of eye to center of eye as that will though you off. After line A is established do line B. it is from the brow line to the tip of the nose. for rough out purposes the measurement will be close if not the same to line A.

  The next step is to place the brow ridge and mid face lines again using the perspective lines as a reference. The brow ridge line A. should be measured from corner to corner, the mid face line B. should be measured from brow ridge to bottom of lower lip.
Using prospective line B in top photo, now line A. as a reference place line D. Which should be measured from edge of cheek to edge of cheek. Then measuring back along line D to the nostrils for lines E. Next measure line C and using the mid line, line B. in second photo place line B in midline of chin. Measuring from the bottom of the chin to the top of the lower lip. That will give you the basics and using these lines as reference the rear jaw line and the ears can be placed as well. every thing is measured from the center out. that is the secret to doing a good face any other way just does not work as good.