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Wildlife Carving in Relief: Carving Techniques and Patterns
Author: Lora S. Irish


Price: $19.95
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Imagine carving a deer running through the forest, or a buffalo standing on the prairie at sunset, or a mallard drake winging through the cattails…all in wood less than two inches thick. This is the art of wildlife relief carving, where elegant portraits of animals and birds are brought to life with carving techniques that give the illusion of great depth. Join Lora Irish as she shares a wealth of information to guide you through the basics of relief carving and the specifics of wildlife relief carving.

Inside you'll find:
-descriptions of woods used in relief carving
-pattern transfer techniques
-basic relief carving cuts
-a comparison of relief carving styles, including low relief, high relief, stylized relief and realistic relief.
-specific carving techniques for carving facial features, fur, feathers and antlers
-finishing techniques, including wood burning, Danish oil and paint
-a step-by-step section with close-up photos and detailed captions to guide you through the wildlife relief carving process.

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