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Figure Carving Scandinavian Style

Author: Harley Refsal
Price $29.95


Harley Refsal
Biography: Harley Refsal teaches Scandinavian Studies at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, where he also holds the title Resident Fellow in Scandinavian Folk Art. He is an internationally recognized figure carver, specializing Scandinavian-style flat-plane carving. Refsal was born and raised on a farm near Hoffman, Minnesota, homesteaded by his Norwegian-immigrant grandparents. He began working in wood as a young boy. His father, a carpenter and farmer, and a woodworker uncle who lived nearby kept him well supplied with wood, tools and encouragement. Since the 1980s, Refsal, who speaks fluent Norwegian, has shared his knowledge of, and skills in, Scandinavian flat-plane carving with thousands of carvers through classes and presentations in the United States and Scandinavia. His name is so integrally linked with the revival of this carving style that it is rapidly becoming known as the Refsal style; Refsal is available to teach woodcarving seminars and judge exhibits and shows. His carvings are available for sale.
Through the power of close-up lenses, watch Harley transform a rough blank of basswood into the lifelike figure of Karl Oskar, the younger brother of Harley's popular figure 'Oskar'. In this first-ever video on 'flat plane carving', Harley clearly explains every step of the process. Using only a single sharp knife and making polished cuts - he demonstrates the art of giving expression to every carved facet. If you are a master, a beginner, or interested in Scandinavian art - this video offers a lifetime of learning and inspiration. It's like having a class with Harley in your own home anytime you wish!
In this 90 Minute Video:
Getting Started
Sharpening- for that Razor Edge
Knife Grips for Control, Power and Safety
Knife Carving Techniques
Painting Tips
Safety Techniques
A Gallery of Figure Carvings
History of Scandinavian Figure Carving
Detailed Instruction - from Eyes to Buttons
Harley Refsal is the torchbearer of Scandinavian-style figure carving in North America, and has played a central role in re-popularizing this nearly-lost style in Scandinavia. In addition to teaching carving, he is the author of many articles and several books including 'Woodcarving in the Scandinavian Style'. He is an Emeritus Member of Caricature Carvers of America; a professor of Scandinavian Folk Art at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, he has received numerous woodcarving related awards, and in 1996 he was decorated by the King of Norway for his contributions to Norwegian Folk Art.
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