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Carving Wolves, Foxes & Coyotes: An Artistic Approach

Author: Desiree Hajny

Pages: 96
8.5 X 11

Price: $19.95

Look Inside

Desiree Hajny, wildlife artist extraordinaire, combines step-by-step how-to instruction with artist notes and reference guides to bring you this definitive guide to carving canines. As part of Desiree's Artistic Approach series, Carving Wolves, Foxes and Coyotes includes more than 140 step-by-step photos detailing how to carve, burn and paint a wolf. The author also includes natural history notes, anatomy sketches and reference photos for three members of the canine family: wolves, foxes and coyotes. Use the information to alter any one of the dozen patterns included in the book or combine details to design your own masterpiece.

Inside you'll find:
- step-by-step carving, burning and painting instruction for a walking wolf
- illustrations detailing how to carve foxes, coyotes and more wolves
- hair tracts showing how to burn realistic-looking fur
- a number of different canine facial expressions sized to fit the author's patterns
- patterns and information on carving pups and young foxes, wolves and coyotes
- color-coded anatomy sketches to help you understand how the animals move
- reference photos showing foxes, wolves and coyotes in their natural habitats
- a gallery featuring canine carvings by the author.
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