How To Untangle A Chainsaw Chain

How To Untangle A Chainsaw Chain: 9 Easy Steps To Follow

You just bought a new chain for your chainsaw. You have the saw ready to go, and you’re all excited to get it running again. But when you open up the box, you find that the chain is already knotted up inside the box!

What do you do? This article will teach how to untangle a chainsaw chain in 9 steps:

The chainsaw chain can be tangled even if you store it properly. If the chain got rust or debris in it, it could get tangled up easier too.

How To Untangle A Chainsaw Chain: 9 Easy Steps To Follow

Step One: Do not get panicked or worried when you find the knotted chain inside the box or in your drawer. Wear safety gloves and goggles first to protect your hands and eyes from getting dirty or any unwanted accident.

Step Two: Take out the chainsaw chain and place it on a table or floor or any flat hard surface.

Step Three: If the chain has rust or debris, clean it and lubricate it with oil or other liquids. This can help to untangle the chain easier. If the chain is new, then you should not need to lubricate it.

Step Four: Hold the chain from one end and pull it. And make a circle or zero shape with the entire chain and place it on top of any hard flat surface.

make circle with the loop knot chainsaw chain

Step Five: After completing the above steps, you can see how many loop knots are in the chain.

Step Six: You may see a single loop knot either outside the circle or inside the circle. Or you may see two or more loop knots facing opposite directions; that is, one is inside the circle another is outside the circle. As like the above image. If the loop knots are in the same direction or same side, you can jump to step 9.

Step Seven: Now, the two opposite facing loop knots must be on the same side; that is, either they should be inside the circle or outside the circle.

To do this, pull the top of the chain over the second loop knot, which will remove the first loop knot and put another loop knot there side by side. Don’t worry; there are still two loop knots, and now each is facing the same side as in the below image.

both loop knots are same side

Step Eight: Once again, You need to make sure that both loop knots are facing the same direction. It can be either upward or downward, but those must need to be on one side of the circle.

If you follow the steps in this way, you can see that the loops should have a mirror image of each other. This is important; that’s why I am repeating it.

Mirror position

Step Nine: Now, take both loop knots and hold them in each hand. Pull the top loop knot back over the bottom loop knot. Keep pulling until you have untangled all of your chainsaw chains.

If you follow the above 9 steps you now have an unknotted chainsaw chain.

How To Take Care Chainsaw Chain

You can maintain your chainsaw chain and get a long life out of it with little effort. All you need is to lubricate the chain every time before use, sharpen when needed, inspect for cracks or damage at least once per month, replace if necessary, and adjust the tension on an appropriate setting. It is mandatory to maintain your chainsaw to keep performing it was at the beginning of your purchase. Even if you buy from our recommended best chainsaw under $400 which comes with the auto sharpening and auto tensioning feature don’t rely on the automation. Check manually and thoroughly can ensure your peace of mind as long life of your chainsaw.

The following are some tips for how to maintain a chainsaw chain.

– Ensure that the saw is turned off before you clean or lubricate it.

– Clean your saw with solvent before inspecting, sharpening, oiling, storing, or moving it.

– If you use cutting fluids on your trees when felling them, be sure to clean and rinse the chain with a solvent before oiling it.

– Be sure to lubricate your saw after every use, inspecting for any unusual wear or damage that might be due to improper maintenance.

– Use an appropriate type of chainsaw blade oil when you sharpen the blades, as well as store it in a cool location where it will not be exposed to extreme heat or direct sunlight.

– Contact your manufacturer for specific instructions on how to inspect and maintain your chain as well as replacement guidelines if you need a new one.

– If the chainsaw is used outdoors, keep it away from rocks, metal objects, and other things that might damage it from accidental contact.

How To Unkink A Chainsaw Chain?

Again if you follow how to untangle a chainsaw chain process, you’ll have the chance to get back in action and move on with your job. However, the process is tiring and time-consuming, but it will turn out to be much easier with time and practice.


Finally, if you’re still unsure how to unknot a chainsaw chain, contact your local retailer or manufacturer for assistance.

As always, thank you for reading! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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