Taken by Brad Bayside

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Brad Bayside
I made this and everyone that attended signed their name to it. Kinda fun..

Next is a piece done by Cindy Servis. I really enjoyed meeting this lady. For those of you who don't know Cindy-she's a real sweetheart!
Here's another new friend-Joe Semler. What a great guy! Joe taught me tons of stuff! Thanks Joe!!! You're the best!!

Next is a young fella I met in Hackensack last year-Jason Soderlund. Jason is another really talented guy but also one of the nicest guys I've ever met. We talked about carving together this summer. Jason-I'm really looking forward to that!

That's Bess Freeman in the background-should've had her turn around. She is another real sweetheart! Great meeting her!

The surfer girl was done by Jim Denkins-another fella I just met. Very talented guy! He also did the cowboy in the background.

This is a store mannequin for a Jonsered dealer carved by Lonnie Glines-pretty fun stuff! Another nice guy I hadn't met before.

Here's a cute li'l fella-I believe the carvers name was Dick Fischer. I apologize if I get anyone's name wrong. I didn't really get a chance to visit with this fella.

This morel was carved by Dave W. I'm sorry Dave I don't know how to spell your last name. I really enjoyed meeting you! Seeya next year?!

The shoe was also Dave W's. I should have put something there for scale-the thing is about 3 feet tall. What a hoot!

Here's an Eagle that Jason Soderlund did-Bess and I spent all day Saturday trying to replicate it. What a blast!!!!!

This li'l feller was carved by Lonnie Glines. Somebody's gonna enjoy comin' home to him!

Cindy Servis whipped this little guy out in nothin' flat on the last day. Cute little bugger!

Jennie Herrick carved this mushroom-turned out kinda cool me thinks!

This stuff is all Jason's-like I said, pretty talented fella!

And a bench carved by Steve Brandt. Another fun guy. We had quite a few laughs around the supper table.

Jamie has 'im all fixed up and hangin' on the front of his shop. For those that don't know-Dick carved this Greenman at the '07 Palooza.