(Third Hand tm) Stand
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Doug Ricks
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      Mail Address: 9075E 700N
Walkerton, IN  46574
The (Third Hand tm) Log Stand can be  broke down so as to store easier and take up less space on your trucks.    It weighs 35lbs. The legs can be removed or folded. It will allow you to swivel the table at its lowest point of adjustment. We recommend that once it is assembled to use some sort of spikes to hold it in place. Like 12" barn spikes, etc. You can adjust it from 24" high up to 42" high for you tall guys. It's a 3 leg stand. Has 7/16" holes located at the bottoms of each legs to secure it to the ground.
Although you might try to use it for larger logs. We recommend sizes from 4" x 12" up to 12" x 32" logs. Understand this is for carving the smaller logs that have been a problem to hold tight and safe in the pass. There's no need to put the bigger logs that have the weight to hold them self's on this stand.
The only tool need to assemble or use The (Third Hand
tm) Log Stand is a drill. A small pilot hole has to be drilled in the bottom of the log in order to screw it to the lag screw on the table top.





The price is $245.00 plus shipping cost and tax where applicable.  Accepting  Checks or Credit Cards. Will be shipped UPS. Allow up to 6 weeks for delivery. 
Suggested  retail price is $318.50 plus shipping and if tax were applicable. I will sell them for $245.00 for the time being. But after it hits the market I'm sure there will be at least a 30% mark up from the retailers.  Which will brings it up to my suggested retail price.