Poll Result

Question:What type of chainsaw do you use to block out with?

Options:HOMELITE Votes=0
Options:DOLMAR Votes=1
Options:ECHO Votes=4
Options:CRAFTSMAN Votes=0
Options:HUSQVARNA Votes=4
Options:JOHN DEERE Votes=0
Options:JONSEREDS Votes=0
Options:McCULLOCH Votes=1
Options:PARTNER Votes=0
Options:PIONEER Votes=0
Options:POULAN Votes=1
Options:REDMAX Votes=0
Options:SHIN-DAIWA Votes=0
Options:STIHL Votes=16
Options:TANAKA-KOGYO Votes=0
Options:WARDS Votes=0
Options:WIZARD Votes=0
Options:OTHER Votes=0
Options: Votes=20

User Votes
kookiel1 vote HUSQVARNA
BearRoots vote ECHO
hebsta vote STIHL
sylviacook vote STIHL
curtisjames vote STIHL
Charles N vote STIHL
jackaburl vote ECHO
ken vote STIHL
Mike Pittman vote HUSQVARNA
supertall vote HUSQVARNA
JohnH vote STIHL
bakinbill vote ECHO
rclark vote ECHO
smetester vote STIHL
twoclones vote STIHL
bearcarver4 vote POULAN
Mgkeller vote STIHL
RWMortimer vote STIHL
Scott22 vote STIHL
Rodger h vote DOLMAR
mindsculpting vote STIHL
dzklrz vote HUSQVARNA
tnkeating vote STIHL
Stihlfs290 vote STIHL
Gauthier3963 vote STIHL