Chainsaws are a part of every do-it-yourselfer’s toolbox, and with the right one, they can be a powerful addition. There is a variety of chainsaws in many different price ranges on the market today; however, for those looking to save some money without sacrificing quality or power, there are still top-notch options available. In this article, we will review three of our favorite chainsaws that cost less than 100 dollars!

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We picked these products based on the following criteria:


-Performance and Ease of Use

-Efficiency in Cutting Wood

Our favorite chainsaw is the BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw which offers a powerful, convenient solution. The saw also comes with an automatic chain tensioning system that automatically adjusts for wear on the blade, which is a huge plus for those who don’t want to stop cutting every few minutes. It also comes with an Oregon premium blade that has been designed specifically for ease of use and reliability, making it the best chainsaw under 100 dollars on our list!

-The Oregon CS1500 18 in. 15 Amp Electric Chainsaw is our second favorite chainsaw on the list because it offers a very high level of power and efficiency, as well as an Oregon standard chain that has been designed to be easy to use and long-lasting. In addition, this saw requires no gas or oil, making it convenient for those who don’t want to have any messy clean-up afterward. This unit is our best electric chainsaw under $100 pick!

-Our third favorite chainsaw on the list is the GreenWorks 40V 12-Inch Cordless Chainsaw which has a very long battery life (battery sold separately) and comes with an automatic chain tensioning system for added convenience. It offers plenty of power to get through most jobs without any issues!

Reviews Of The Best Chainsaw Under 100 Dollars

Best Chainsaw Under 100 dollars

Oregon CS1500 18 in. 15 Amp Electric Chainsaw Review

The Oregon CS1500 18 in. 15 Amp Electric Chainsaw is a great buy for anyone looking to buy their first chainsaw or upgrade from an older model. This saw has the power and features you would expect from a more expensive saw but without all of the cost!

When we tested the CS1500, we found it to have a lot of power and an excellent cutting ability. After almost 400 cut-throughs on the machine, the chain still had a sharp edge. For frictionless cutting, the CS1500 electric chainsaw also features the lubri-tec oiling system, ensuring that the chain is always in perfect condition.

A lot of people worry about the noise levels on an electric chainsaw, but the CS1500 is very quiet. It was very easy to use and felt comfortable in hand.

It has an ergonomic design and easy-to-use features that make it a good option for all skill levels.

This model comes with Oregon’s PowerSharp Sharpening System, which allows you to sharpen your blades within 3-5 seconds and without the hassle of taking it to a shop.

This 18″ electric chainsaw powered by a 15 amp motor can handle any cutting task you throw at it, and the Lubri-Tec oiling system ensures that your saw is running smoothly and won’t get bogged down. The speed of the chain is 2888 FPM, and it’s a great unit for anyone looking to get started in this industry.

One of the notable features we loved the most was the chain brake, which helps to protect your saw when you need it most.

We were impressed with this chainsaw for its features and performance compare to the cost.

Only the downside of this chainsaw we found is the weight of the saw. It weighs 12.93 lbs and is a little heavy for most people to use when doing tasks that require some time on the saw (i.e., trimming trees).

Thus if you need a noise-free electric chainsaw with plenty of power, without spending a fortune, then this is the saw for you!

BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw Review

BLACK+DECKER has been in the power tool business for many years, and they have had a lot of success. They also offer products at an affordable price point. One of their tools is the V20 MAX 10 inch Cordless Chainsaw.

This chainsaw can be used to cut any type of wood that you want without having to worry about a cord getting in your way or an extension cord not being long enough.

When we went to put this chainsaw together, it was really easy and quick. The only thing you have to do is attach the chain bar and tighten up any bolts that may need to be tightened down.

It features 10 inches premium Oregon low kickback bar and chain, making cutting through wood easier and faster than ever!

The auto blade tension system means that you don’t need to stop every few minutes to adjust the blade tensioner like on other models; it’s automatic! 

You will also love this chainsaw’s oiling system. It comes with a built-in lubricating pump that automatically oils the chain and bar while you are in use, so there is no need to stop what you’re doing or come back later when it’s time for maintenance.

The weight of this cordless chainsaw is a little over seven pounds, which is about average for this type of tool. It is powered by a 20V max Lithium-Ion battery that is sold separately.

This chainsaw has a lot of great features, and it is one of the best under 100 dollars, so check it out if you are looking for something to get your yard work done!

One of the major downsides of this chainsaw is the oiling system. The built-in lubricating pump may start to leak if it’s not done right, so make sure you know how to maintain your chainsaw before buying this tool!

Except for the oiling system, this is an excellent chainsaw that will do the job you need without a ton of fuss.

GreenWorks 40V 12-Inch Cordless Chainsaw Review

GreenWorks is a company that specializes in power equipment, and this chainsaw is one of their top best-selling budget-friendly chainsaws. This chainsaw can handle 10-inch diameters with ease, perfect for small to medium tree work.

It has an automatic oiler system, so you never have to worry about your chain getting dry or dull. The G-MAX 40V Li-Ion Battery System provides long-lasting battery life, so you can work as hard as you want without having to stop for a recharge. However, the battery is not included, so you will have to purchase it separately.

At the time of our testing, we were impressed with the power and ease of use. It can cut through a small to medium tree in no time at all.

The auto blade tension system is also very helpful. It will keep your chain at the perfect tension without you having to worry about it.

Another great feature that you get in this budget-friendly chainsaw is it comes with an auto oiler system. This system enables you to go as hard as you want without worrying about the blade getting too dry and dull.

The translucent oil tank is also a great feature, which enables you to see how much oil your chainsaw has left so that you can refill at just the right time.

The only downside we’ve found with this product is that it’s prone to oil leaking. This means you have to be careful and watch out for drips while cutting through a tree, or the chainsaw will get messy.

The GreenWorks 40V 12-Inch Cordless Chainsaw is one of the best budget-friendly chainsaws on the market today. It can easily handle small to medium tree work and has a translucent oil tank that enables you to tell when it needs to be refilled.

However, like many chainsaws on the market today, it is prone to oil leaking, so be aware of drips while cutting trees. Overall we were impressed with this budget-friendly chain saw from GreenWorks. It does a great job for its price point and is perfect for those looking to save money without sacrificing power.

How To Buy Inexpensive Chainsaw Under 100 Dollars

If you are looking for the best chainsaw under 100 dollars yet worth the money, then we are here to help. This article will cover all the things that you should consider when buying your cheap chainsaw. Cheap chainsaws under 100 dollars may not be as good quality as the chainsaw which are under 400.

But if you have limited expectations and know what to expect from this purchase, you can get a decent cheap chainsaw that does its job well enough.

Below is a list of things that one should consider while buying a cheap chainsaw:

Price Vs. Quality: 

cheap chainsaws may not be as cheap in quality. But if you know what to expect, it is possible to find a cheap chainsaw that does its job well enough. So don’t expect something exceptional quality like the Stihl and Husqvarna , These chainsaw starts around 300 dollars.

Purpose of Buying cheap chainsaws: 

different chainsaws are for different purposes. For example, chainsaws for under 100 dollars are best for smaller tasks like cutting up logs, trimming small tree branches, or some home improvement task. In contrast, Larger chainsaws are for large jobs that require more power and speed, such as felling trees or chopping wood.

Choose Between Corded and Cordless type cheap chainsaws: 

It is harsh to say that it will be wise not to expect a gas chainsaw under this price range. So try to choose between corded and cordless/battery-powered chainsaws.

The main advantage of having a Corded chainsaw is that the battery life does not limit you. This is because a chainsaw will always work as long as it is plugged in and there’s a power supply. For this reason, it is a great option for those who want to use the chainsaw on a regular basis.

The main disadvantage of a corded chainsaw is that the length of your extension cord limits you. However, some people may find this inconvenience to be a plus point.

The main advantage of having a Cordless/battery-powered chainsaw is that you have the freedom to move around and cut anything.

The main disadvantage of a cordless chainsaw is that you will have to recharge the battery once the power runs out. And it can be inconvenient if you have to do it in the middle of a job.

Bar length: 

The bar length is an important aspect when buying a chainsaw. The longer the bar, the more powerful and efficient it will be for larger jobs like felling trees. With less than 100 dollars, you probably won’t get a chainsaw with more than an 18-inch bar.

chainsaw bar length


Whether you are looking for a powerful engine or an efficient one, there is always a chainsaw that will suit your needs. However, when you need a chainsaw for large jobs, then speed and power are both important. For this reason, choose between gas and electric chainsaws. 

speed of best chainsaw for under $100

Cheap chainsaws often are not as powerful and durable as expensive ones. But, of course, when you have a limited budget, the chainsaw you get will be less powerful, and that’s completely fine if that is perfect for your purpose.

Low noise: 

The noise of a chainsaw is quite harsh to the ears, so that you may be looking for a chainsaw with low noise. Unfortunately, cheap chainsaws may not be as quiet as expensive chainsaws. So if you are looking for a chainsaw because of its low noise level, this is not the right choice for you. But in our top picks, we featured some of the chainsaws which barks the least and still maintains a good quality while cutting.


If you are going to use the chainsaw around your house, then the weight is not as much of a problem. However, if you will be carrying the chainsaw for long periods or over rough terrain, you may want to consider weight.

Chain brake: 

A chain brake is one of the major safety features that you must need to consider. It’s best if the chainsaw has a chain brake. The chain brake will stop the chainsaw from running if there is anything that you are cutting that is too close to your body, such as a branch. This feature is important if you are someone who gets freaked out by accidents.

On our list of 4 best chainsaws under 100 dollars, we picked such chainsaws with a chain brake.

Self-sharpening feature: 

A self-sharpening chainsaw will save you from the pain of having to sharpen the chainsaw to a certain degree. This is a plus in this price range. A chainsaw without this needs you to stop and manually sharpen the blade periodically.


If you are looking for a chainsaw to do heavy-duty work, you may want to purchase one with more horsepower. – Here is the list of chainsaws that you should consider: