ok, here’s a little something I knocked up today. I’ve been meaning to do it for ages, anyway, a little rough, but here it is,,,easy block out

Make a cut back to reveal the chin and shoulders…

Next cut around the face to create the hairline

Then mark out the nose line and eye lines

Next scrape back the wood to create the eye sockets

I use the radius of the bar to deepen the eyes

I then form the line between the lips

Next create the bottom lip

I use the tip of the bar to scrape back the wood

Eyes now… top eyelid first

Then bottom lid

Then the line below the eyes..

A little more work on the chin

The nose I think is a little flat, but I’m sure you get the idea…

Next I deepen the temples and define the hairline

Then get those lips right!

A touch of the burner to emphasize the shadows and a sprinkling of the sand-o-flex to soften the edges…

I hope this helps someone out there!