No woodworker’s workshop would be complete without a handy table saw. That’s because these tools are indispensable for ripping wood into the shape needed by the woodworker. However, these tools are also useful for contractors, homeowners, DIY enthusiasts and anyone else who plans on cutting down a lot of boards for their projects.

Before a person can take advantage of this handy tool, they have to consider not only which model they need but also which model is best overall. In order to help our readers find the best table saw available, we created the following top ten list, so you could find a saw that you like.

Best Table Saws – Top List

10Rockwell RK7241S Saw With Laser

Equipped with some of the largest cut-depth in its class, the Rockwell RK7241S is ready to do some serious work in just about anyone’s workshop. It’s a heavy-duty model that can hold up to daily use but is lightweight enough to take down to the cabinet shop, the job site or into a homeowner’s garage workshop. It has a folding fence for extra wide cuts and features a laser indicator that can be adjusted. This table saw has a no-load speed of 4,800 RPM, so it has more than enough power to rip through wood quickly, efficiently and more accurately.

9SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Saw With Stand

This portable saw is useful for taking to a job site or for performing projects around the home. Its 20-inch by 26-inch cast aluminum table can be extended to a 20-inch by 32-inch size so it can accommodate larger pieces of wood, and it also has a folding steel stand that is easy to transport and set up. This tool has a 3.5-inch cut-height capacity and has a rip fence that self-aligns for the most accurate measurements possible. This tool comes not only with the 10-inch saw and heavy-duty steel stand, but also comes with a miter gauge, a carbide-tooth blade, and 2 blade wrenches.

8Craftsman Evolv 15-Amp Saw

Although this saw is a little bit lighter than some people would prefer, for other people it’s a great product. That’s because it can easily move in and out of the job site and has enough power to do most light jobs. This saw may not be capable of performing some of the heavy-duty wood rips that bigger saws can perform, but it can deliver extremely accurate cuts. This saw uses a 15-Amp motor and comes with a number of accessories to put it to good use. Also included with this product is a 24-tooth carbide tipped blade, hex keys, blade wrenches, and a blade guard assembly.

7Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Saw

Professional power is one of the key features of this contractor style 10-inch table saw. A saw that delivers raw power for professional jobs. It has a powerful 15-Amp motor that’s capable of delivering up to 4,800 RPM no-load speed, and it also features a tool-less modular blade guard system that comes with a riving knife. Another key feature found in this unit are dual side guards that allow for easy measurements. This saw also comes with a guard design that makes it easy to keep the blade in view as it comes in contact with the wood. And finally, this product also features anti-kickback pawls.

6Dewalt DWE7490X Saw With Scissor Stand

Regardless of whether the operator of this saw wants to rip moldings, filler boards, deck boards, railings or just about anything else, it’s ready to do the job and deliver excellent results. This 10-inch saw is equipped with a 24-tooth carbide blade that can rip through wood extremely well. It also comes with a scissor stand that features rack and pinion telescoping fence rails. These make fence adjustments not only smooth and fast but also extremely accurate as well. Another key feature of this saw is that it offers a 3-1/8-inch depth cut at 90-degrees and a 2-1/4-inch depth cut at 45-degrees.

5Skilsaw SPT70WT-01 Worm-Drive Saw

This 10-inch saw may look just like any other saw, but it really isn’t. That’s because what’s really significant about this saw is in its gear system. This unit is one of the first worm-drive table saws and is made with a brass-geared system that provides a great amount of power and torque, and it does it without slowing down under load. It has a 25-inch rip capacity and has a 3.5-inch depth of cut that really cuts through wood well. Additional features found on this saw include a dual-field induction motor that delivers 15-Amps of raw power, a self-aligning rip fence, and on-tool storage.

4Dewalt DWE7480XA Saw

This table saw is designed to give the user professional results and to give them the versatility to handle any job well. It has a 24-inch rip capacity, a modular guarding system, and a 15-Amp motor that delivers 4,800 RPM of no-load speed. The blade can be adjusted from 0-degrees to 45-degrees, so the operator can handle a variety of bevel applications. This tool also has a 24-tooth carbide blade that can handle everything from molding to creating large shelves. This unit only weighs 48-pounds, so it’s pretty portable, and it has a 2.5-inch vacuum hook up dust port for easy cleanup.

3Bosch 4100-10 Gravity-Rise Saw

This professional level table saw has a number of exciting features. The first feature worth mentioning is its large cast aluminum top that provides the operator with the workspace and the material support to rip through wood quickly and easily. This unit has a 25-inch ripping capacity thanks to its 15-Amp saw that delivers a 3,650 RPM no-load speed. It also has a gravity-rise wheel stand that’s made of steel and can easily be set up. Additional features found on this tool include a modular smart guard system, soft-start circuitry, integrated carry handles, and 8-inch wheels. All of which makes it handy for any job site.

2Dewalt DWE7491RS Saw

The Dewalt DWE7491RS is a 10-inch table saw that’s capable of delivering a 32.5-inch rip capacity and comes with a rolling stand for taking the tool in and out of the work site. It has a 15-Amp motor, a 2.5-inch diameter dust port and also features a rack and pinion fencing system for fast adjustments. This saw also comes with a 24-tooth carbide blade, a miter gauge, and a push stick. All of these features allow this tool to be used for jobs such as building decks, ripping moldings, cutting through floorboards, cross-cutting wood for building bookshelves and a whole lot more.

1Dewalt DW745 Compact Saw

What makes the Dewalt DW745 saw an exceptional tool is that it’s a perfect combination of portability, price, and power. This 48-pound saw has an optimized footprint that makes it one of the most portable saws in its particular class. However, even though it’s portable doesn’t mean it can’t do some serious ripping because it can. This tool features a powerful motor that provides a 3,850 RPM no-load speed on its 24-tooth carbide blade. Other important features found on this amazing tool include a rack and pinion fencing system, a cast table top, overload protection, and a dust port reducer.

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Table Saw Guide

To unlock all the benefits of a table saw, you can’t settle for a sub-par product. No matter how good the price might seem, there are certain boxes a table saw needs to tick before you should consider buying it. There is more to it than buying the right size to fit your space, and to get the even shape you need consistently, you need to get this purchase right first time.

The following guide is designed to clear up a few things that you should expect from a table saw that is worth buying.

What To Look For In A Table Saw

  • Non-Slip Legs – Because there are a certain amount of vibrations when you pass the wood through the blade, a table saw needs sturdy legs that do not slip. Most products will provide this and it is a must to make sure everything is sturdy.
  • High RPM – The rate at which the blade spins is going to go a long way towards giving you the power you need to make cutting easy. It makes adjusting the thickness easier and tends to give you a smoother finish when the wood is cut. If you can find a table saw with over 4,000 RPM you are going to be happy with the results.
  • Rip Glide Fence – The glide fence helps the wood to pass precisely and the stronger the better. This is what helps to make sure the wood is even, parallel to the saw and comes in the shape of a simple metal bar. It should be adjustable to match the desired width.
  • Power – A table saws power is measured in horsepower and you shouldn’t go for anything under 1 if you are trying to get your hands on a product that can rip through just about anything. When wood is within 2-inches thick, you might only need up to 2 horsepower which is a common amount for a table saw. However, if you are working with thicker wood, you are going to need to find something around 3 horsepower.
  • Dust Collection – After the dust has settled, you need somewhere for it to go. When it is all over the table and room, clean up can be a long task if you do not have a dust collector. The better table saws will have one as standard and the bigger the better. Some products have dust collecting above and below the blade to make cleanup even easier.
  • Safety Features – Table saws have come a long way and you can buy products that switch off the moment it detects contact with a blade in motion. Often known as a flesh sensor, it can minimise the severity of injuries but don’t rely on it to save you. Also, look for an anti-kickback mechanism and a magnetic switch that stops the saw from activating by itself.
  • Flat Surface – You’ll be surprised at home many table saws aren’t as flat as you would like. To get a true cut, a flat surface is essential. A telltale sign is when reviews aren’t happy with the deviation and when you get it you can always test it with a leveler.
  • Added Features – The great thing about many tables saws is that because of their design, they have a lot of bonus features. This can come in the form of storage draws or places to hang tools from but the more the better you will be at keeping a neat working station. Extensions are another popular accessory that can open up new possibilities and help you take on a bigger piece of wood.

Should I Buy A Portable Table Saw?

When looking for a table saw you might not expect to be able to find a portable one. They are often smaller which can mean you have less space to work on and they might not be able to give you as many size options for cutting wood but if you are moving the table saw from place to place, a set of wheels underneath will make things easier.

They are good for those who need to take a table saw to different jobs but can be restrictive for big tasks.

Table Saw On/Off Switch

Because these can be quite small sometimes, you want to be sure you get a table saw that has an off switch that is easily found in an emergency. This can make a huge difference in your safety. A lot of the time the on/off switch is found at knee height and should be big enough to push at a crucial time.

How To Stay Safe When Using A Table Saw

A lot of accidents happen when the user isn’t concentrating, it’s the same as when using a chainsaw if you are overconfident you aren’t always thinking straight. Always stay alert around high-powered and sharp equipment.

You should always wear safety goggles to stop any stray fly-offs from irritating the eyes and remove all loose-fitting clothing and anything that might get tangled in the saw such as jewelry and long-sleeved clothing.

The last thing to remember is to read the safety instructions and only use the table saw for its intended use.