Just about everyone does their research when buying a table saw so that they not only get the best blade bargain but also so they can get the blade with the best features. Unfortunately, fewer people spend as much time considering what blade to buy, and some people even just buy any blade they can find to mount on their saw. And that’s quite unfortunate because the blade is as crucial as the table saw itself.

There is a big difference between saw blades and buying the wrong one for your setup can have disastrous effects. Even the best saw won’t perform up to its potential if it’s equipped with a sub-par blade. Keeping that in mind, we’ve found ten of the best table saw blades for you to consider. Blades that will ensure that you get the perfect cut each and every time you use your saw.

Best Table Saw Blades – Top List

10IRWIN Tool Classic Series 8.25-Inch 40T

Designed to be used either on a miter saw or a table saw, this high-quality blade gives the operator the power they need for cutting thin sheets of steel or plywood. It has an extremely thin kerf and a 40-tooth count that allows it to deliver better cuts and to more easily go through the material being cut. Its teeth are ground using special sharpeners, so each of these blades will deliver the operator the performance they need for daily work. Each of these blades is also balanced so that they deliver the most accurate cuts possible when they are used on either table or miter saws.

9Freud 10-Inch 24T Heavy Duty Rip Blade

This industrial table saw blade is designed to give the operator the performance they desire, even when they are making cuts in extremely tough materials. It has a 10-inch diameter, a 5/8-inch Arbor and its kerf is only 0.126 of an inch. These dimensions, along with its extra large flat tooth design, allows this saw to rip through materials easily and without them needing to be sanded afterward. This blade is equipped with anti-vibration slots that prevent sideways movement and help to reduce vibration, and it has a silver ice coating that reduces pitch build-up. All of which makes it a blade capable of handling some pretty tough jobs.

8Concord Blade 8.25-Inch 80T General Purpose Blade

Although this blade isn’t specifically designed to be used with table saws, when equipped on a suitable table saw it does a great job. This saw blade can be used for circular saws, miter saws, chop saws and yes, even table saws, and it does a great job each and every time it’s used. It’s designed using construction-grade steel, has 80 sharp titanium carbide teeth and can handle a speed of up to 7,000 RPM. This allows it to be easily used for all kinds of construction applications including cutting soft and hardwoods and for cutting prefabricated or exotic wood products.

7Dewalt Series 20 Fine Finish 10-Inch 60T Blades

Dewalt is known far and wide for its collection of high-quality tools, but some people still don’t realize that this company also does a fine job of making saw blades. And one example of their prowess in this category is this 2-pack of 10-inch blades. These blades are designed with an ultra-thin kerf that allows it to smoothly cut through many different kinds of materials. These blades have 60-teeth each and have a wedge shoulder design that makes them extremely durable and accurate. And since they’re also computer balanced, these blades are also some of the more stable ones available.

6Dewalt 8-Inch 24T Stacked Dado

This stacked Dado set is ideal for a variety of jobs and is designed to provide accurate cuts. Its heavy-gauge plates are laser cut for accuracy and this, in turn, allows the blades to deliver reliable and clean cuts without splintering. Its 4-tooth chippers give smooth flat bottom cuts, and its stainless steel shims allow for fine width adjustments. This set is ideal for a variety of woodworking professionals and even comes with its own case to protect the blades against damage. Regardless of whether these blades are cutting through plywood, hardwood or melamine, it’s sure to deliver the results expected by the operator.

5Dewalt General Purpose Combo Pack

Technically, the next best table saw blade isn’t a single blade but actually a combo pack of two different blades. This combo pack features two 10-inch saw blades that can be used for a number of different jobs. It comes with a 60-tooth crosscutting blade and a 32-tooth general purpose blade. These blades are made using tungsten carbide and have an arbor size of 5/8-inch. They feature computer balanced plates that allow for a better finish and have improved accuracy. And this pair of blades is not only good for table saws but can also be used for miter and slide miter saws.

4Makita 10-Inch 80T Micro Polished Blade

This blade features micro-grain carbide teeth that have been honed to a fine finish and is designed to cut through wood as easily as a knife through butter. It’s made with an ultra-thin kerf that’s only .091-inch and has a plate thickness of .071-inch. This product can be used for fine crosscutting on a number of different materials including plywood, softwood, and hardwoods. Each of these blades is fully hardened for durability and are hand tensioned for truly accurate cuts. And since they produce a fine finish, material waste is greatly reduced, which makes this blade suitable for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

3Freud Diablo 10-Inch 50T ATB Combination Blade

This high-quality blade is manufactured in Italy and is designed to give the operator the clean, accurate cuts they desire. It’s a multipurpose blade that can be used for a variety of different projects, so the operator doesn’t have to be constantly replacing the blade when they are working on different materials. Each of these blades has stabilizer vents in them that have been cut by a laser and help to reduce vibration in the blade as it’s used to make cuts. It also has heat-expansion slots which allow the blade to expand when it gets hot and therefore maintains a straight cut.

2Freud 10-Inch 90T Ultra Fine Blade

Specifically designed for use on wood and wood composites, this 10-inch blade has 90 ultra-fine teeth that rip through material quickly but doesn’t splinter the surface like lesser blades have a tendency of doing. It’s made with carbide and has an ultra-thin kerf that makes every single cut easy and extremely smooth. And since it has a shear-face grind, this blade delivers cuts very easily and reduces the amp draw on the tool. This not only helps to maximize the tool’s performance, but it also means that less material waste is produced with each and every cut this blade performs for the operator.

1Forest Woodworker II 10-Inch 40T ATB Blade

Designed exclusively for delivering high-quality cuts in wood and plywood, this blade is often considered to be the best of all table saw blades for woodworking. This 10-inch 40-tooth blade is made from high-quality metal and has a kerf of 0.125-inch. It also has a 5/8-inch arbor, so it works on any table saw easily. Not only does this blade cut more accurately than many comparable blades, but it is also extremely quiet. And since each blade is hand-tensioned, it’s capable of delivering true cuts each and every single time. All of this comes together in this exceptional blade that’s designed to deliver superior wood cutting performance.

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Table Saw Blade

When the time comes for you to find a new table saw blade, buying the right one can make a noticeable difference to your cuts. Compared to your previous blade which is by now, a little blunt and makes smooth cuts difficult, a new blade will feel great.

This is only if you get a quality saw, otherwise, you might be better off using the old one. To make sure you get this purchase right, and can enjoy an accurate cut that allows the saw to glide through the wood, we have created the following guide to clarify what a quality table saw blade should give you.

What To Look For In A Table Saw Blade

  • Multi-Purpose – The better table saw blades are capable of cutting through a variety of materials. This starts with both soft and hardwood but goes well beyond that. The table saw blade should be fine to use on MDF, veneered Plywood, and many other types of materials. This way you aren’t restricted to certain types of work.
  • RPM – A lot of the RPM a table saw blade can offer is down to the motor and the device itself but a blade has to be capable of turning at such a rate. The better saws should be fine for well over 5,000 RPM in case the unit you have has the power to put it through higher speeds.
    Make sure it is capable of matching the output of your set up.
  • Durability – You want a table saw blade to last a long time and you probably got a decent amount of use out of the previous one. Before it starts to dull it should have cut a lot of wood and lasted many months.
  • Teeth – The more teeth the finer the cut but some people prefer something that will cut through thicker wood easily. This is the decision you will have to make so match it to what your general needs are.
    Consider the type of work you will be using the blade for as the likes of joinery will need something along the lines of a 40 teeth blade. A Flat Top Grind blade is better for ripping wood as the teeth are larger and if you are cutting plastics or laminate you might consider a Triple Chip Grind blade.
  • Thickness/Kerf – Don’t buy a blade that is too thin for your needs or you might find that it warps with the wrong materials. Thinner blades are better for thin cuts and precision cutting. A thicker blade should only be used with more powerful motors so if the horsepower is low, don’t use a table saw blade that is too thick and demanding.
    Any table saw with horsepower greater than 3 should be capable of working well alongside any thickness as they will cut through wood faster.
  • Materials – You’ll find that a lot of table saw blades are made from the same materials but if you can stick to those made from laser-cut steel they will be durable enough to last a long time and make light work of a variety of woods.
    teeth will often be made from a different material, often tungsten carbide to ensure it can work under increased heat.
  • Gullet – Essentially, this is how much space you have between each tooth and it can determine how easily chips are removed. It is usually matched to the style of cutting so where the chips are smaller with a crosscutting blade, the gullet tends to be smaller.

Different Types of Table Saw Blades

The way the teeth of the blade are shaped and placed will determine the type of cut they should be used for. Here are some of the most common:

  • Flat top – These are best used for ripping and best for quick cuts and removal.
  • Combination Tooth – As the name suggests, these are good for multipurpose cuts such as ripping as well as crosscutting.
  • Alternate Top Bevel – For a smoother cut, these are positioned to work with a right or left-hand bevel and is good for smooth crosscutting of natural woods.
  • Triple Chip Grind – Better suited to hard materials outside of wood such as plastics by using dual blades.
  • High Alternate Top Bevel (Hi-ATB) – Used for finer crosscutting both hardwood and softwood.

What Blade Size Do I Need?

This is the first consideration when looking for a new table saw blade. Find out what fits your table saw before purchasing. Usually, it is as simple as checking the user manual or measuring the blade itself after removing.

Most of the time you will find your table saw takes a 10 or 12-inch blade so be sure to get this right.

How Long Should A Table Saw Blade Last?

There is no right or wrong answer to this as it depends on the amount of use and abuse you put it through. Sometimes, a table saw blade doesn’t need replacing or sharpening if you give it a good clean. Once you have attached the new blade, be sure to maintain it by cleaning it when the device is shut off – preferable at the mains for safety.

If you see burn marks on your cuts it could be a sign that it needs a clean which will prolong the lifespan of any blade.