Keeping tree limbs trimmed to a proper length is necessary for the safety of the home and everyone living in the household. That’s because overgrown limbs can break and come crashing down on anything that’s underneath them. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to cut many of the limbs that need to be cut because they’re often out of reach. That’s where a pole saw really comes in handy.

Using one of these saws to cut distant limbs can make the chore safer and a whole lot easier. And anyone can enjoy using one of these saws. All that has to be done is to find the best pole saws available and choose one that suits your needs. Below are some of the saw models available that we feel are the best ones and have included them for your convenience.

Best Pole Saws – Top List

10Remington RM1025P Ranger

This electric saw is not only designed with two in one functionality, but it also gives the user a great working height. It can be used easily as a pole saw with an extendable shaft that’s approximately 10-feet long, but it can also be disconnected from the pole and used as a ground saw. Its long shaft length gives the average user a working height of anywhere from 10-feet to 15-feet. Other features which can be found on this tool include lock clamps that allow the height of the pole to be quickly and safely adjusted and a non-slip grip that makes the unit a lot easier to use.

9Fiskars Chain Drive Saw & Pruner

Not everyone needs the size and power of electric or gas-powered saws, and only need to do light pruning work. Fortunately, this pruning and pole saw is ready to handle just about any job. It uses a chain-drive gearing mechanism that makes it easier to use than traditional manual saws, and it has a pole that can extend up to 16-feet to reach branches that couldn’t ordinarily be reached. This tool can cut branches up to 1.25-inches thick, and it comes equipped with a Wood Zig saw that’s useful for removing larger branches. And since it has a secure double-locking system, it’s as safe as it is effective.

8Trimmer Plus TPP720 8-Inch Saw

In the world of pole saws, this model is somewhat unique. That’s because this unit isn’t an actual trimmer, meaning that it doesn’t come with its own engine. Instead, it has to be connected to a suitable gas-powered string trimmer to be operated. Once that’s done, however, it works quite well. It features an 8-inch chain bar that can be used to cut logs up to 4-inches in diameter. It also has a pole section that’s in two pieces and can be assembled to a length of 7-feet. This gives the average user a reach of approximately 10 to 12-feet, depending on their height. Other features on this unit include an automatic oiler and a drive shaft attachment that allows it to be connected to several different models of string trimmers.

7Milliard Extendable True Pruner

This tool is not only a pole saw, but it’s also a tree pruner and combines the functionality of both of these amazing tools in one easy-to-use saw. This product features a 14-inch saw blade that’s manufactured from high-carbon steel and is designed to hold its sharp edge for long periods of time. This product can extend to a working height of 16-feet, so the user can cut more tree branches than is possible with many other types of pole saws. It’s designed to cut through branches up to 1.25-inches thick, so it can be used for a variety of trimming products around the yard.

6Black & Decker LPP120 20-Volt Cordless

This cordless power saw uses a 20-volt lithium-ion battery to make hundreds of cuts per charge. This allows the unit to be extremely mobile and to be used virtually anywhere. It has a cutting head that can cut through branches up to 6-inches thick and with its extension, the product has a useable length of 6 to 10-feet. This product not only comes with the saw and the battery but also comes with a blade guard and detailed operating instructions. This gives the user everything they need to cut the branches on the trees in their backyard or anywhere else they need it done.

5Worx WG309 10-Inch Electric

This 2-in-1 electric pole saw gives the user not only the versatility they need to handle ground limbs as well as overhead limbs, but it also provides the user with the power to get the job done. This tool uses an 8-Amp motor that makes short work of tough jobs, and it has an 8-foot extension pole that gives the user the reach they need to reach tall limbs. The saw easily comes off of the pole and can be attached just as easily thanks to its tool-less installation. Other great features that can be found on this toll include an auto-tensioning chain system and an automatic oil pump, both of which work together to keep the chain in good condition.

4Greenworks 40-Volt Cordless

Weighing in at just under 8.5-pounds, this product is easy to wield around the home. It can also be taken just about anywhere thanks to its 40-Volt Li-Ion battery system that not only powers this tool’s 2Ah battery, but can be used to charge a variety of compatible batteries for other tools. This tools also features an automatic oiler that keeps the 8-inch bar and chain well lubricated. Another key feature of this tool is that it has a 3-piece aluminum pole that can be extended up to 8-feet, so the user has the reach they need for most limb trimming jobs.

3Sun Joe 8-Inch 6.5-Amp Saw

This corded electric pole saw has a ton of features which makes it suitable for any residential tree trimming project. It’s equipped with a 6.5-Amp motor and an 8-inch Oregon cutting bar that can cut through branches up to 6-inches thick. This tool has a no-load speed of 6,000 RPM, yet only weighs 7-pounds. This allows it to be easily used around the user’s property without excessive fatigue. Although it can be started with the push of a button, it does come with a built-in safety switch which prevents it from being started accidentally and therefore reducing the chance of potential accidents.

2Snow Joe 8-Amp 10-Inch Electric Saw

Since this pole saw is equipped with an 8-Amp motor and a 10-inch Oregon cutting bar, it’s suitable for handling almost anything the user can throw at it. This product has a telescoping pole that extends to 7.2-feet, so the user can extending their reach to about 12 to 14-feet, depending on their height. It can easily be started with just the push of a button but is equipped with a safety switch which prevents accidental starting. It also has automatic chain lubrication and a multi-angle head that can be easily adjusted to a cutting angle of up to 30-degrees.

1Black & Decker PP610 Corded Saw

Demanding tree limb cuts requires a pole saw that can deliver exceptional results, and this Black & Decker saw is just the one for the job. It has a powerful 6.5-Amp motor that provides the power needed to cut through household limbs but it isn’t extremely heavy like comparable saws can be. It also has a 10-inch bar and chain that provides an exceptional cutting ability and can handle branches up to 8-inches in diameter. Other features found on this fine saw include a 9.5-foot extendable pole for reaching most tree limbs easily and an automatic oiling system that keeps the chain well lubricated.

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Pole Saw Buying Guide

Wielding a traditional saw while standing on a ladder can be somewhat of a precarious procedure and isn’t recommended by most tree trimming experts. A better solution is to use a pole saw to cut the limbs in question, but it can be difficult to determine which models are the best among the dozens currently available. To help solve some of this confusion, we’ve written the following guide which should make it crystal clear what to look for when purchasing a pole saw.

Working Height

Described in the sale’s literature of most pole saws is the Working Height of the saw. Although many people suggest that this indicates the length of the pole, it really doesn’t. This number is actually the length of the pole that’s combined with the average arm length of the user. For example, if a pole saw says that it has a working height of 10-feet, then it really means that the pole is about 7 or 8-feet long. Therefore, it’s important to keep this fact in mind while considering saws. These saws come in a variety of sizes, but most of them stop at a working height of 10 to 12-feet. That’s because working with a pole saw that’s bigger than that isn’t really recommended because they can become difficult to control at lengths greater than 12-feet.

The Weight of the Saw

The weight of the saw is also an extremely important consideration. After all, if the saw is too heavy for the user to wield, then it’s not going to be able to be used effectively. These type of saws can weight up to 20 to 22-pounds, which can be difficult for some people to use. Fortunately, there are also extremely light models that only weight 7-pounds, too. Just be sure to choose one that you can use easily for any length of time.

Cutting Bar Length

The cutting bar length is another feature to ponder before buying a new saw. Bar lengths range anywhere from 6 to 12-inches, but the cutting bar length of most average saws is about 8-inches. The size of the cutting bar determines the size of the branches that can be cut with it. A general rule of thumb is that the cutting bar length of the saw should be 2-inches longer than your branch’s diameter. So, if you need to cut a branch that has a diameter of 10-inches, then you need a cutting bar length of 12-inches.

Manual, Electric, Cordless or Gas-Powered Models

Pole saws come in three different types. There are manual models which the user has to move back across the limb, models that are cordless and powered by a battery, models that are electric and plugged into an extension cord and of course, models that are powered by gasoline. Each of these types has its own pros and cons as we shall see below.

  • Manual Pole Saws: Manual saws are extremely inexpensive and don’t require an external power source other than human power. However, they can often be difficult to use and don’t get the job done as quickly as powered saws.
  • Electric Pole Saws: These saws plug into an extension cord and are a pretty affordable choice. They’re not as powerful as gas-powered models, but they’re good for some jobs. A big negative associated with them is the user is limited by the length of their extension cord.
  • Cordless Pole Saws: These saws offer cordless convenience and are generally pretty light. They also extend the usable area of the saw by the user. However, batteries have to be recharged regularly, and these types of pole saws may not be as powerful as gas-powered saws.
  • Gas-Powered Pole Saws: A great thing about these type of saws is that they’re powerful. They also give the user a large usable work area. The downsides to these saws are they tend to be more expensive and heavier than other models.

Removable Saw Head

The final thing to think about is whether the saw has a removable saw head. Models with this feature allow the saw to be removed from the pole so it can be used to cut regular branches on the ground. Not everyone needs this feature, however, and some people may prefer to use a separate chainsaw. However, if this feature is desired, it does prevent the homeowner from having to buy another chainsaw for normal ground branch cutting work.