There’s probably no saw more specialized than a miter saw. It doesn’t matter if you need to make picture frames, craft crown molding, window casings or door frames, there’s no tool that can produce the angled cuts the way this saw can. Which is why compound miter, dual-compound and sliding compound miters have seen a rise in their popularity.

However, since these tools are highly specialized, you don’t want to run out and buy one without first doing your homework. After all, you will want to find a model that matches your needs and is the best in its class. Towards those ends, we’ve assembled ten of what we feel are the best miter saws currently available and have submitted them for your consideration.

Best Miter Saws – Top List

10Hitachi C12RSH2 15-Amp

This miter saw is ready for any heavy-duty job that its operator can task it with. It’s equipped with a 15-Amp motor that makes even tough cutting jobs a whole lot simpler. This model has a large sliding fence and can deliver 0 to 57-degree miter angles to the right and 0-45 miter angles to the left. This tool is also equipped with a vertical hand that’s soft and easy to hold, and also acts as a sort of dampener to reduce some of the vibrations from traveling up the operator’s arm. Additional features found on this innovative and extraordinary model include a laser marking system and a dust bag.

9SKIL 12-Inch Saw

This 12-inch compound miter uses a quick mount system that allows it to be easily set up and used on the Skil 3302 saw stand. Once properly set up and ready to go, this saw has a powerful 15-Amp motor that can deliver a no-load speed of 4,500 RPM. This is more than enough power for even tough miter jobs, allowing the operator to get their work done easily. Another positive feature on this saw is its laser cutline guide which gives the operator the ability to make extremely accurate cuts. And finally, this saw has 9 positive stops that can be used to set up the most common miter angles.

8Makita LS1040 10-Inch

This compound miter is built in the U.S.A from quality parts and is designed from the ground up to deliver performance and power. It has an extremely powerful 15-Amp motor that delivers an astounding 4,600 RPM of speed, which is more than enough for even complicated woodworking jobs. It can deliver miter cuts to the left 0 to 45-degrees and to the right 0 to 52-degrees. This product has positive stops at 15-degrees, 22.5, 30, and 45-degrees, so it can handle some of the more common angles used. All of which makes it a great saw for carpenters, woodworkers, cabinet installers or just about any other professional.

7Bosch 120-Volt 12-Inch

Different miter saws have different systems in place to ensure that they’re precise, but there’s no miter which has the system this Bosch saw uses. That’s because it uses its own patented axial-glide system that makes sure the saw is always under control and delivers the most precise cuts possible. This tool has a 6.5-inch vertical and a 6.5-inch crown capacity that can be used to great effect. Other features found on this system include a quick-release fence alignment system, a fairly powerful 15-Amp motor that delivers 3,800 RPM of speed and an easy-to-use dust chute for easy cleanup convenience.

6Hitachi C10FCG 15-Amp 10-Inch

Quite a few interesting features can be found in this saw. For example, it has a horizontal handle that’s easy to hold and use, and the tool has a clamping system that secures it to just about any workbench. It also has 0 to 52-degree miter angles to the right and left, and this gives the operator the flexibility they need for most jobs. This saw uses a 2.57-HP motor that provides more than enough power for most jobs, and it even has a dust collector attachment that helps to minimize airborne particles in the air. These features mean that this budget miter saw is suitable for a lot of jobs in the workshop.

5Delta Shopmater S26-262L

Although this saw is probably better suited in a home workshop than a professional one, it still has a number of features which allows it to do just about any job. For instance, it has a battery operated laser that can be turned on or off with the flick of a switch and makes aligning the blade with a lot more precision possible. It also has a 15-Amp motor that delivers power to the blade and an electric brake which helps to stop the saw blade quickly when the trigger is released. Other features include a spindle lock that holds the blade on securely, and the ability to work with just about any miter stand.

4Dewalt DWS780 12-Inch

The Dewalt DWS780 is a double bevel sliding compound saw that’s equipped with quite a few really nice features. It has a 15-Amp motor that spins the blade at 3,800 RPM, fast enough for most jobs. This product also has an improved handle design over previous generations of this saw that enables it to be even easier to use. Also available on this saw is an integrated XPS cross-cut positioning system that allows the operator to position the blade properly for the cut. And finally, this unit has a back fence design that can cut dimensional lumber at 90-degrees or 45-degrees.

3Dewalt DW717 10-Inch

This 10-inch saw is capable of handling any job that a miter saw is used for doing. It has an adjustable steel miter detent plate that’s equipped with 11-positive stops, and it has a 45-degree bevel cut capacity on 2 x 12 pieces of wood or when used with the back fence, 2 x 14 pieces of wood. This saw also has a 15-Amp motor that can deliver up to 4,000 RPM of power. Another great feature found on this tool is a tall sliding fence that can be used for base and crown moldings. And finally, it has two steel horizontal rails that allow for accurate travel of the blade.

2DEWALT DCS361B 20V Max Cordless

Many workers avoided battery-powered miter saws because they lacked precision and power. However, that all has changed. Nowadays, that has changed with the development of improved batteries. Take the 20-Volt battery found on this system. It is powerful enough to power the saw effectively and for long enough of a period to get the job done. And its battery is compatible with other tools in this tool system, so the operator doesn’t have to buy a new battery for each different tool. This effective cordless miter saw is also lightweight and can deliver accurate miter angles every time it’s used.

1DEWALT DW715 15-Amp

Everything a person needs to perform great miter angles can be found on this saw. It has a powerful 15-Amp motor that delivers 4,000 RPM of power, an adjustable steel miter plate with 11 different positive stops, a tall sliding fence for a crown or base molding, and a crosscut capacity of 2×8-inches. Also included with this unit are a carbide blade, a blade wrench, and a dust bag. All the user has to do is find the best miter saw base for this saw, and they’ll be ready for getting their work done quickly and efficiently. Which makes this one of the best models available.

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Miter Saw Guide

Whatever intricate need you have for a miter saw, it is only going to give you plenty of cutting options and the ability to make different angles when cutting if it is high-quality. With a lot of sub-par products flooding the market, it can be difficult to tell what is the best product for your needs.

This is why we have created the following guide, to help clear a few things up, and show you what an effective miter saw should be capable of.

What To Look For In A Miter Saw

  • Power – Without the right amount of power, expect a miter saw to make hard work of tougher woods. This is why you need to find a saw that gives you around 10 amps as a minimum. Professionals will say that 15 amps are a better place to start as with this much power behind it, there aren’t many jobs you cannot ask of it.
  • RPM – This is the speed at which the blade spins and the more you can get from your miter saw, the greater the mount of tasks it can be used. When combined with a good amount of power, a miter saw can cut fast and with precision. With 4,000 RPM and above you are looking at a professional grade product that you can use at home.
  • Saw Size – This determines what type of jobs you can use a saw for and it is best to match it to how much you think you are going to use it. A professional will need a miter saw with a blade size of 12-inches which is generally the biggest you can get. This opens up a wide range of tasks.
    For personal use, there is little point in going beyond 10-inches which should suffice for most applications although you can get smaller saw sizes that are found on portable options.
  • Angle Options – Because a miter saw is designed to cut different angles with ese, the product you choose should have plenty of options in this area. The better products will allow crosscuts of up to 90 degrees and bevel controls on both the left and right.
  • Positive Stops – At different points along the miter saw, the company behind the product will have marked certain points that you can keep to for precise cutting.
  • Laser Guides – Expect this from only the high-end miter saws but they can make a huge difference in how accurate you cut. The light guides your cutting path so you don’t stray off course.
  • Safety Features – When working with power tools and sharp objects, safety should be your first consideration. To tell the truth, most accidents happen when the user loses concentration so it is important to stay alert at all times.
    Beyond the usual advice of not wearing loose-fitting clothing and jewelry and using safety goggles, some products have added safety features. This includes an electric brake. In an emergency, this can stop the saw within a couple of seconds.
  • Portability – This is one of the factors that make miter saws so popular. Not only are they versatile but they can be moved from job to job with ease. You’ll find this easier when the saw is light enough to carry.

Different Types of Miter Saw

There is a miter saw to suit every job and need so to find out which is best for you, here are some of the most common:

  • Standard – Expect a simpler design and the ‘standard’ tag covers pretty much any saw on a base. With it, you can cut cross-grain at angles up to 90 degrees. Popular because it is easily portable and works fast.
  • Compound/Dual Compound – These allow you to cut at an angle by using an adjustment for both left and right. You can use them for crosscuts and bevel cuts and all sorts of angles. To complement this, you can turn the blade up to 45 degrees. Depending on whether you have a single or dual compound will determine if it can be angled in one or both directions.
  • Sliding Compound – Because of the movement, this miter saw is capable of, it opens up a lot of cutting options and angles. On a sliding rail, it can be moved to make wider cuts and is used for a variety of cutting including crosscuts, bevels, miters, and compound. It can cut both left and right and is known for being the most versatile of all the types of miter saws.


Whilst there are plenty of great miter saws out there, you need to consider your intended use first. If you want to make a few picture frames or make your at-home woodwork a bit easier, then you won’t need a professional level blade size and power.

The better miter saws are the ones that make it easy for you to create precise cuts at different angles.