Jigsaws are wonderful tools that can do things that other saws can only dream about. They can not only do straight cuts and curved cuts quite well, but they can do a few other nifty tasks including making plunge cuts and even bevel cuts. In fact, these tools are so versatile it shouldn’t be a surprise that just about every technician or workman owns one of them.

These tools aren’t just for professional use, however. They are also quite useful for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts who need to get some work done around the house. In order to accomplish these tasks, the user should look for the best jigsaw currently available. Fortunately, we’ve listed ten of the models we currently love and recommend.

Best Jigsaws – Top List

10Ryobi One+ 18-Volt Orbital T-Shank

Although this jigsaw doesn’t come with a battery, it does come with everything else needed to get started. This orbital T-shank uses an 18-volt lithium-ion battery that powers it orbiting motor and helps it to produce up to 3,000 SPM, or strokes per minute. It has four different setting which can be used to cut into lumber or lowered for cutting into metal or cutting curved lines. Other features found on this quality tool include a built-in dust blower and LED lighting that improves the line of sight, a blade saving base that can be dropped to use fresher teeth and a trigger lock system.

9Black & Decker 4-Amp BDEJS4C

The best features which can be found on this saw are the ones that make it the easiest to use. This tool is very compact and lightweight, so it won’t fatigue the user’s hand and is portable enough to take to any worksite. It has a 4-amp motor and a variable speed dial that controls the orbital blade action. This tool also has an innovative tilting base plate that allows it to easily deliver bevel cuts at an angle of up to 45-degrees. Not only does this corded saw come with a blade suitable for wood-cutting, but it also comes with a vacuum adaptor and a hex key.

8SKIL 6-Amp Orbital Action 4495-02

This 6-Amp saw from SKIL features a number of exciting features which make it easy to use and very accurate. First of all, it has a powerful motor and a 4-position orbital cut control that can deliver both slow and fast cuts easily. It also has a built-in laser guide that allows the operator to perform razor accurate straight cuts, and it has more control than other saws, so it doesn’t produce the same ragged cuts these inferior models produce. Other features found on this tool include a variable speed trigger and a custom molded tool design that helps prevent the blade from damaging the material being cut.

7Bosch JS260 120-Volt Top-Handle

This powerful jigsaw has a 6-Amp motor and four orbital-action settings that allow it to perform a variety of blade strokes. This means that it can be used for smooth strokes, or it can be powered up using the variable speed dial for more aggressive cutting styles. This tool is equipped with a heavy-gauge footplate for durability and a tool-less blade change system that eliminates the need of ever touching a hot blade. It is also equipped with on-board bevel wrench storage for easy access. And finally, this saw has an adjustable dust blower that keeps cutting lines nice and clear.

6Black & Decker Smart Select Saw

This Black & Decker saw may lack the high price tag that many similar saws have, but it doesn’t lack a whole lot of features. It has a powerful 5-Amp variable speed motor that can produce up to 3,000 strokes-per-minute of cutting power. It’s also capable of delivering 45-degree bevel cuts and has an adjustable shoe that improves tool stability. Another key feature found on this tool is the newly improved wire guard that helps it with precision cuts. The final feature worth mentioning on this inexpensive yet innovative tool is its dust blower which helps to keep lines of sight clear.

5Dewalt 20-Volt Max Li-Ion Saw

This high-quality jigsaw using a 20-volt Max Li-Ion battery to perform powerful and precise cuts. This battery gives it up to 33% more charge capacity than traditional 20-volt battery packs and allows it to perform some really heavy-duty jobs. This saw features an all-metal lever-action keyless blade that makes blade changes easy and it accepts T-shank jig saw blades for professional level results. Other features incorporated into this high-quality tool is a 3-LED fuel gauge system that alerts the operator to current power charge and an all-metal shoe bevel. And all of these features come together to help this saw deliver professional cutting results.

4Makita 3.9-Amp Variable Speed Saw

This saw is designed to be easy enough for most homeowners to use, but to also deliver professional results when needed. It has a 3.9-Amp motor and 3 orbital settings that allow it to cut through a variety of different material. This tool can be dialed up from 500 SPM all the way up to 3,100 SPM, and this enables the operator to select the correct speed for the material being cut. It also has a die-cast aluminum base that adjusts up to 45-degrees to the right or left and has a positive stop at 90-degrees for additional cutting performance. This saw also features a lock-on button and a large trigger that make it easy to operate.

3Porter Cable 6-Amp PCE345

This tool delivers performance, and it does it without compromises. It features a 7-position speed dial that allows its speed to be adjusted from 0-SPM all the way up to 3,200 strokes-per-minute. This speed control is integrated into the trigger so that the user has complete control over their cuts at all time. It also has 4-orbital settings that allow it to cut through just about any type of material, and it has a long-on button that makes it easier to use during prolonged use. The final feature worth mentioning on this 6-Amp saw is that it also allows for tool-free blade changes.

2Bosch 7.2-Amp Top Handle Saw Kit

This professional quality jigsaw kit has everything needed to perform professional cuts. It has a 7.2-Amp motor that’s one of the most powerful motors in its class and makes it capable of handling even heavy-duty jobs. It also has a die-cast aluminum footplate that allows for easy bevel adjusts and a tool-less one-touch blade change. Another key feature on this saw is that is has a double-roller system that reduces blade deflection and allows for more precise cuts. And it’s top handle design gives the operator unprecedented control over its operation. This tool also comes with an assortment of blades and a convenient carrying case.

1Dewalt DW331K 6.5-Amp Top Handle Saw

This professional jigsaw has almost too many features to list, but here’s a short overview of what it can do. This tool has a powerful 6.5-Amp motor that can deliver an exceptional amount of cutting power and it has 4-position orbital action that allows the operator to have precise control over the tool’s speed and performance. It also has a large rubber grip which makes the jigsaw easier to hold and helps to dampen some of the vibration produced by the blade. This saw has a variable speed of 500 to 3,100 strokes-per-minute and also has an integrated dust blower to help the operator retain line-of-sight at all times.

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