Anyone who spends a significant amount of time outdoors is probably going to want to buy themselves a folding saw. That’s because these tools are not only useful for quickly clearing tree limbs, but they’re also extremely handy for cutting enough wood for making fires. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that they’re pretty handy to have around the home.

Before you can reap the benefits of these versatile tools, however, you have to find one that’s portable enough to be used anywhere and is sharp enough to cut through wood as if it were butter. That’s why we’ve gone out there and have done the research for you. All so we can bring you the best folding saws currently out there.

Best Folding Saws – Top List

9EverSaw All-Purpose Saw

This pull-cut saw is used by a number of different organizations and with good reason. This pull-saw is capable of easily cutting through just about any material. It’s capable of cutting through both wood and bone, and some people even use it to cut through tough plastic. Its 8-inch blade has triple-cut razor teeth that’s hardened for smooth sawing. Some of the organizations which have used this saw include the USDA, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, California State Parks, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and even the Bronx Zoo. It’s no wonder so many hunters and outdoorsman use it as well.

8Primos Hunting Saw

This high-quality saw is the ideal saw for hunters and fisherman to take into the woods. That’s because it’s not only capable of cutting through tree limbs so the user can gather firewood, set snares or hang up game meat, but it can also be used to help prepare the carcass after the hunt is over. This saw can easily cut through bone and sinew, and some hunters use it to cut through a deer’s rib cage. Its blade is extremely sharp and strong and is capable of holding up well to a variety of different weather conditions. And its compact size allows it to be easily placed in a coat pocket or backpack.

7Tabor Tools Curved Saw

This saw has an 8-inch curved blade that’s ideal for use by homeowners or anyone else who needs to keep tree limbs, small trees and other vegetation under control. This saw is capable of cutting branches or small trees up to 4-inches in diameter, and it has a rust-resistant blade that can handle up to even the worst weather conditions. This tool can also be used by hunters, sportsmen, and survivalists who need a high-quality saw they can depend on day in and day out. And since it has a non-slip grip, it’s easy to be used for a lot of different jobs.

6SOG F10N 8.25-Inch Saw

Although folding saws are usually designed to handle a variety of different jobs, this saw is designed for one thing and one thing only: sawing through wood, saplings, and brush. It’s manufactured with an 8.25-inch high-carbon steel blade that’s been coated in a black powder coating finish to ensure that it’s rust and weather resistant. All of the teeth on this blade are super sharp and easily cut through green wood, and branches up to 4-inches in diameter. Not bad for a tool that has a total length of 17.25 inches and weighs under 6-ounces. This tool also comes with a black sheath with snap closure and belt loop attachment.

5Hooyman Extendable Tree Saw

This tree saw is not only capable of cutting through tree limbs quite well, but it also has a unique feature that most other foldable saws simply don’t have. This saw can extend from a size of 12-inches up to 5-feet, greatly improving the reach of the user and allowing them to cut through limbs at a distance. This high-quality tool has a blade that’s constructed from SK5 steel and has 4-edge teeth that really limb through limbs. It also has a positive locking system that makes it extremely steady while it’s being extended to its full length. All of which makes this tool suitable for just about any outdoor tree trimming job.

4Corona Razor Tooth Curved Saw

Although there may be a number of limb saws which can cut better than this particular model, the truth of the matter is that this one is the cheapest saw in its class. Even though it’s a budget saw, doesn’t mean that it can’t get the job done, however. It has a curved 10-inch blade that’s capable of cutting through limbs up to 6-inches in diameter, which means it can cut through branches twice as thick as some other more expensive saws. It can do this because it has impulse hardened teeth that are designed to hold their edge for a long time before dulling.

3Bahco Laplander 7.5-Inch Saw

This general purpose saw isn’t just useful for one or two things but is capable of doing just about all jobs equally well. It features a 7.5-inch blade that’s made out of hardened steel and has 7-teeth per inch on it. This blade is specially coated not only for rust protection but also to help reduce friction. This allows it to be used equally well for not only cutting through green and dry wood but also makes it suitable for cutting through plastic and bone, too. This unit also has a plastic handle that is easy to hold and is ergonomically designed for comfort.

2Silky Professional Big Boy

With a 14.20-inch blade length, a blade thickness of 1.8mm and 5.5 teeth-per-inch, this landscaping saw is ready to do some serious damage. Even though it only weighs about 20-ounces, it’s capable of being used to cut through limbs up to 6-inches in diameter and do it without wearing out the user’s arm. This tool has been used successfully by everyone from homeowners to hunters, fisherman to construction workers, and gardeners to landscapers with equal ease. This is a tool that can cut through bone, plastic, wood and a variety of other materials very easily, so it belongs it just about everyone’s toolbox.

1Silky Professional Katana Boy

Hands down, this saw is one of the most powerful folding saws currently available. In fact, anyone who wants to find a saw more powerful than this one is probably going to have to use a powered saw. That’s because this tool has a 19.7-inch blade that’s made from high-quality steel and is capable of cutting through limbs up to 10-inches in diameter. Designed to be used with both hands, this folding saw will go through just about any branch and is designed to give the operator many years of service. When nothing less than absolute cutting power is needed from a manual saw, then this tool wins easily.

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Folding Saw Guide

Whether you are camping, hiking, or just enjoying the great outdoors, a folding saw can make a huge difference as to how much enjoyment you get from mother nature. Compact, convenient, and downright sharp, they can help you to prepare wood for a fire quick and won’t weigh you down along the way.

This is only possible if you find a product that is up to the task as a sub-par folding saw can let you down and leave you in the cold. To make your life easier, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In A Folding Saw

  • Blade Size – Buying a blade that is too small with either make cutting wood down to size a lengthy or impossible task. This is why you need to match the blade to your needs. A 5-inch blade might be good for cutting small branches but you will need something of 8-inches plus to make your life easier.
  • Comfortable Handle – Although a folding saw should be sharp enough to get through tough wood without a problem, it isn’t going to be as fast as using a power tool. This means more effort and more time which will be made a lot easier when you have a comfortable handle to hold. The better products will have non-slip material or grooves to keep everything in place and an ergonomic shape for a comfortable grip.
  • Teeth – The more teeth the smoother the cut but sometimes less can be better. Fewer teeth can mean it gets through larger, tougher pieces of wood a bit easier but only to a certain point. The TPI (Teeth Per Inch) will be what you need to look out for and generally, the more you get the better for an easier cut.
  • Durable Materials – Although this is something you expect from a tool that is designed for outdoor use, it is not always the case. The better products will be made from non-corrosive materials and should last for many trips.
  • Sharp Teeth – There is no point in finding a folding saw with the ideal amount of teeth only to find out they are too blunt to make a big difference. A product that features triple cut teeth will give you plenty of reliable cutting.
  • The Correct Type – Because there are different types of folding saw, it is important to get your hands on the right one for your needs. Anyone needing one around the garden is going to look for something different from those who are planning a week of camping.
  • Cost-Effective – A lot of folding saws will seem like great value and unless you are intending to use it regularly, there is not as much need to spend money on the top of the range models. Although a lot of products are close to the price of a full-size saw, the materials are often a better quality and the design is more specialist.
  • Lightweight – This is especially important if you are putting at the bottom of your camping bag and taking it on your next hiking trip. Similarly, if you are using a folding saw when hunting, you don’t want a heavy blade to weigh you down. Being light is one of the great conveniences of buying a folding saw.

Folding Saw Safety

Anyone looking for a folding saw needs to know how to use it properly and since most accidents are avoidable, concentration is key. Some folding saws go the extra mile when it comes to protecting the user. This should be in the form of a locking mechanism to keep everything in place.

A good folding saw will come with a carry case and remain firm when in use and feel sturdy throughout.

Can You Sharpen A Folding Saw?

This is easier said than done and although some folding saws will be easier than others it is possible. Check with the company’s guidelines on their product to see if it is possible to sharpen the blades but after a few repeated sharpens, it will get harder to maintain and won’t hold the sharpness for so long.

A lot of the time, it is possible, and better to change the blade completely.

How To Clean A Folding Saw

Because you will be using it outdoors on a variety of woods, a folding saw can get pretty dirty even after one use. Anyone that has tried to clean tree sap off a saw will know it can be a difficult task. The simplest way of cleaning tree sap off a folding saw is by soaking it for a couple of minutes in a soapy bucket of water before wiping it and rinsing. Try to avoid using a heavy-duty cleaner as the harsh chemicals can negatively affect the blade.

Cleaning a folding saw helps to prolong the lifespan of the tool and maintain its sharpness for longer.