Although gasoline-powered models are often revered for their raw power, electric chainsaw models have become to come into their own over the last few years. Thanks to advances in lithium-ion battery technology, these chainsaws have not only become quite lightweight, but they’ve also become pretty powerful. Which make them good for anyone looking a more reliable, effective and inexpensive tool for cutting down trees around their home.

Below we’ve listed ten of the best electric models currently available. At least, they’re the ones that we consider the best based upon their power, battery technology and features that can be found on them. Anyone of the following models is a good bet for anyone looking to clear some lumber around their home.

Best Cordless Chainsaws – Top List

10Remington RM1425 Limb N’ Trim

Some chainsaws are simply too heavy to be used by many homeowners, and these chainsaws can be extremely tedious to wield for long periods of time. Fortunately, this Remington cordless chainsaw has solved that problem. This tool weighs just a little bit over 6-pounds, and it has a compact design that makes it easy for just about anyone to use. Although it’s not rated for heavy-duty tree cutting, it is the ideal size for cutting small limbs around the home. It has a push button oiler that keeps it 14-inch bar well lubricated, and it has a quick tensioner that makes it easy for the operator to change the chain’s tension.

9Worx WG322 20-Volt With Auto-Tension

Trimming limbs around the home have never been easier thanks to the Worx WG322 chainsaw. This product uses a 20-Volt power-share battery that not only gives this tool the power it needs to get the job done but can also be used on other tools on the Worx Tool Platform. This tool has a lightweight design that makes it easy to hold and operate, and it has an automatic chain lubrication system to keep the chain in good shape. This product also features a battery indicator that lets the operator quickly see just how much juice is left in the battery, so there’s never any surprises.

8Oregon Cordless 40-Volt MAX

Although just about all electric chainsaws run cleanly and are pretty quiet, the real beauty of the Oregon 40-Volt MAX is that it also delivers enough power to get the job done. This tool can provide the operator with up to 60-minutes of continuous use before its battery has to be recharged. This gives the operator plenty of time to deal with the limbs they need handle. This chainsaw also has a 14-inch bar and a 2,350 RPM no-load chain speed that’s suitable for just about any application. Another key feature found on this tool that’s not found on other ones is its chain sharpening system which sharpens the chain on the fly.

7Dewalt Flexvolt 60-Volt MAX

Equipped with a 16-inch Oregon bar and chain, it’s easy to see that this chainsaw means business. This is especially true considering that it is a 60-volt model that uses a 3-Ah battery to give the operator the power they need to get the job done. With a fully charged battery, this saw is capable of performing up to 70-cuts on 6×6-inch pressure treated pine wood boards, and it has a chain brake for kick-back protection. And although it’s powerful, it only weighs about 12.2-pounds, so it can be used quite easily without a lot of operator fatigue or discomfort.

6Greenwork 16-Inch 40-Volt Chainsaw

This 16-inch chainsaw has the power to get a variety of jobs completed. It has a 40-volt brushless motor with an electric start that gives the chain the power it needs to cut through a variety of soft and hardwoods. It’s brushless design not only delivers 30% more torque than comparable models but also prevents up to 70% of the chainsaw’s vibration from traveling up the operator’s arms. And since this tool’s battery is part of the Greenworks Tool System, it can not only be used on this chainsaw but can be used on up to 25 other tools, so the operator doesn’t have to spend more money than necessary on batteries for their tools.

5Dewalt 20-Volt MAX XR

What’s truly exceptional about this Dewalt chainsaw is not the power that it delivers, but that it’s so compact and lightweight. Equipped with a 12-inch Oregon bar and chain, and weighing in at under 9-pounds, this chainsaw is really easy to use for cutting limbs. This tool has a high-efficiency brushless motor that maximizes its run time and improves motor life. With a chain speed of 25.2-feet per second and a chain gauge of 0.043, this tool is also capable of cutting through a variety of wood types quite easily. It’s an easy-to-use tool that’s sure to give just about anyone the power and convenience they need from a saw.

4Black & Decker 40-Volt 12-Inch

Capable of staying charged up to five times longer than many comparable chainsaws, this tool is designed for just about any work it encounters. It has a 12-inch bar and chain that not only delivers quick cuts but is also kickback resistant. This tool also offers tool-free chain tensioning, so the operator can quickly make chain adjustments on the go. Another thing that’s worth mentioning about this tool is that it has an automatic oiling system that keeps the bar and the chain in the best condition possible. And finally, this tool uses 40-volt MAX batteries that can give the chainsaw plenty of power to complete any job.

3Makita 18-Volt X2 12-Inch

This chainsaw uses two 18-volt LXT batteries for its power, so in essence, it’s not an 18-volt chainsaw but a 36-volt one. This extra power allows it to do a lot of cutting without having to stop and recharge the batteries constantly. It features a 12-inch guide bar, and it’s Makita motor delivers up to 1,650 FPM, so it can do quite a bit of cutting. It also has a noise level of under 90-decibels, so it’s not as noisy as gasoline-powered saws. Regardless of whether this saw is used for cutting limbs around the home or is used for larger jobs, it’s sure to deliver great results each and every time.

2EGO Power+ 56-Volt 14-Inch

There are quite a few things to love about this EGO Power+ cordless chainsaw. Not only does it have a high-efficiency brushless motor that delivers up to 6,300 RPM of power, but it also has a 14-inch Oregon bar and chain. This combination allows this tool to cut through wood quickly and efficiently each and every time it’s used. And since it uses 56-volt ARC lithium batteries, this saw is also capable of delivering up to 100-cuts on a single charge. This tool is designed with a weather-resistant construction and is also equipped with a chain kickback brake for safety.

1Worx Jaw Saw 20-Volt WG320

Even though this tool’s unique design isn’t what most people think about when they think of an electric chainsaw, its design is what makes it so effective. It has a jaw that clamps down on the limb being cut and holds it firmly during the process. This not only makes it extremely effective for cutting through limbs, but it also makes it much safer than traditional cordless chainsaws. And it’s unique guard covers the chain for increased safety. Other features found on this tool include an automatic chain oiler that’s equipped with an oil level indicator, an oil capacity of 30-ML and an easy-to-hold handle.

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Cordless Chainsaw Guide

The freedom of being to reach any branch of foliage without worrying about a cord is a major benefit of using a cordless chainsaw. However, there are some downsides to them if you buy a sub-par product. This can lead to frustration and is often when the chainsaw gets left in the garage and the garden suffers.

To stop you from making a bad purchase, the following guide outlines everything you should expect from a quality battery-operated chainsaw.

What To Look For In A Cordless Chainsaw

  • Battery Life – One of the main factors you should look at is battery life. This will eliminate half of the products you see as anything that doesn’t give you 60 cuts for every charge is best ignoring. You don’t want to disrupt your work by having to put it on charge for a few hours or longer. Lithium-ion batteries are best suited to cordless chainsaws
  • Power – Although cordless chainsaws aren’t as powerful as gas-powered, they can still pack a punch if you buy the right model. The more RPM they offer the more uses the cordless chainsaw has so look for something that can give you 5,000 RPM and above if you want to find something capable of cutting through tougher wood.
  • Recharge Time – One issue with using cordless chainsaws is you are at the mercy of the recharge time. If this takes too long, your window of opportunity for using the chainsaw might pass. A lot of people save the task of cutting wood for the weekend so you want to be able to use the chainsaw on your terms. The better products should only take a couple of hours to reach full charge whilst others might need to be left for longer.
  • Vibrations – With any type of chainsaw, you are going to get a level of vibration. Still, some products are much better at reducing the amount of vibration and can make the work a lot more comfortable.
  • Weight – Because the battery pack is added to the weight of the chainsaw, cordless options are often thought of as bulkier and heavier. However, there are plenty of products that are lightweight making them great for long periods of use. Compare them to gas-powered chainsaws and they can be a lot lighter.
  • Automatic Oiling System – Because of the friction a chainsaw can create from its metal parts, it needs to be well lubricated. This is made simple when the cordless chainsaw you are considering has an automatic oiling system. This allows a small amount of oil to reach the bar and chain, something that you will have to make sure to do yourself otherwise.
  • Easy Chain Tension – When you can tighten the chain without the need for a tool, it makes life a lot easier. Some cordless chainsaws have a chain tension dial on the side that is not only convenient but much easier to use. This allows you to amend the tension on the job instead of having to take a break and reach for a tool.
  • Safety Features – Your safety starts with wearing protecting goggles and gloves whilst always paying attention to what you are doing. A lot of accidents featuring chainsaws involve a lack of concentration. There are some safety features a cordless chainsaw can offer to give you an extra layer of protection including anti-kickback features via a chain brake. Only use a cordless chainsaw for its intended purpose and read the user manual before using it.
  • Warranty – Although you hope to not need it, a warranty helps to protect your purchase. This is particularly important if you intend to use it regularly so try and ensure the cordless chainsaw you choose has as many years of warranty as possible.

Cordless Chainsaw Vs Gas-Powered

Both of these products give you the convenience of being able to work without restrictive wires but why is one better than the other?

First of all, a cordless chainsaw requires less maintenance. Having to refill the gas of a gas-powered product can be inconvenient, not to mention messy. The gas versions are known for their power but what they also have a reputation for is being noisy.

A cordless chainsaw gives you the best of both corded and gas-powered chainsaws worlds without the added vibrations and noise.

How To Avoid Chainsaw Kickback

One of the best ways to avoid any accident is to say alert and maintain a firm grip on the handles. When it comes to preventing kickback a sharp blade makes it less likely to happen so remember to maintain your cordless chainsaw properly.

Act with caution and do not put the tip of the chainsaw against the wood by paying attention to how you position the nose. For further protection, only buy a chainsaw with anti-kickback protection but do not rely on it.