No home workshop or garage would be complete without a powerful circular saw. That’s because they can make short work of cutting lumber and do it quicker than just about any other tool. This gives the homeowner or the DIY enthusiast the ability to make everything from cabinets to new fencing for their yard. All that’s required is that they buy the best one available.

Of course, not everyone can agree which circular saws are the absolute best, but most professionals understand that the best circular saws are produced by a small minority of the tool manufacturing companies out there. Using them as a guide, we’ve selected the models that we feel are the best of the best and submitted them for your personal consideration.

Best Circular Saws – Top List

10Porter Cable PCC660B 20-Volt

This powerful Porter Cable circular saw has an aggressive motor that delivers up to 4,000 RPM of cutting power to this tool’s 6.5-inch carbide tooth blade. This powerful motor is powered by a 20-volt lithium battery that can be recharged for quick use. Although this unit is a bare tool and the battery has to be purchased separately, compatible batteries are available at a variety of different sources. Some of the other features that can be found on this saw include a beveling shoe that pivots up to 50-degrees, a 2-1/8-inch cutting capacity, and an over-molded handle. All of these features come together in this saw making it a great tool for around the house use.

9Milwaukee M18 3,500 RPM Saw

This features is designed for DIY use and has the features that make it a valuable asset around the home. It has soft-grip handles that are easy-to-hold during use and help to minimize hand fatigue while the saw is being used. This tool also has electronic brakes that stop the blades quickly when the user has finished their cut. It also has magnesium guards that help to minimize impacts and protects the saw when it’s dropped. And finally, this heavy-duty circular saw uses an 18-volt lithium-ion battery that gives the tool the power it needs to cut through lumber and power the blades up to a speed of 3,500-RPMs. It isn’t the most powerful unit available, but it gets the job done.

8Hitachi Cordless 6.5-Inch Saw

This Hitachi saw is designed to give the operator the power he needs but remain lightweight and maneuverable. It only weighs 6.2-pounds, but it has a motor powerful enough to generate a no-load blade speed of around 4,500-RPMs. This tool is also powered using an 18-volt lithium-ion battery. Other features found on it include soft-grip handles for improved operator comfort, an electric brake for safety, and the saw offers the user a 50-degree bevel angle. Other less important features found on this unit include an 18-tooth saw blade, a built-in spotlight and left side blade positioning for ease of operation. Although cordless saws often get a bad reputation for being underpowered, this tool has enough power for most jobs.

7SKIL 7.25-Inch 15-Amp Saw

Not every circular saw built for home use provides the power and accuracy that DIY enthusiasts need to get work done around the home, but this one comes pretty close. That’s because it has a 15-Amp motor that gives the operator the power and the performance they need for day-to-day work. This corded saw also has a cord length of 6-feet, so it can reach the nearest outlet quite easily, and it has an arbor size of 5/8-inch. Other features which can be found on this unique and innovative saw include a single laser beam that allows the operator to perform more accurate cuts and a carrying bag that can be used to transport the saw or for storage.

6SKILSAW 7.25-Inch 15-Amp Worm Drive

With a design and construction that makes it one of the lightest saws in its class, this saw is not only powerful but is also extremely easy to use. It offers a 53-degree bevel that allows the operator to perform a wide variety of different cuts, and it’s motor delivers 15-Amps of power. It weighs under 12-pounds thanks to its magnesium construction, and it has anti-snag lower guard that provides silky smooth operation. Other things worth mentioning about this circular saw includes its no-load speed of 5,300 RPMs, bevel indents and dependable motor design for durability. All of which makes it a great saw.

5Makita 7.25-Inch Hypoid Saw

A number of features can be found on this saw that makes it a useful tool for just about any job. It’s equipped with a 15-Amp motor that used compressed winding technology that keeps it compact but still allows it to deliver up to 4,500 RPM of no-load power. It’s also made with magnesium parts, which allows it to remain as light as it is powerful. In fact, this saw weighs only 13.2-pounds but is durable enough not only for home use but for job site use, too. Other features found on this unit include bronze-alloy worm gear drives, rubberized levers for easy one hand adjustments and a retractable hook that allows it to be hung up for storage.

4Porter Cable 15-Amp Heavy-Duty Saw

This circular saw proves that just because a tool is lightweight, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t durable. Even though this saw weighs under 10-pounds, it’s still made to hold up to heavy-duty use. That’s because it’s made with a steel shoe and upper and lower guards that are made out of metal. It also has the power to get just about any job done thanks to its 15-Amp 5,500 RPM motor. Other features found on this tool include a depth adjustment, spindle lock, and aux handle. It’s a saw that’s ready to handle the operator’s toughest jobs and do it efficiently and accurately.

3Makita 5007MG 7.25-Inch Saw

Everything about this circular saw seems to scream toughness and power. It is made from high-quality magnesium components that are designed to hold up to the toughest jobs but is light enough to keep this saw’s weight under 11-pounds. This saw is also equipped with a powerful 15-AMP motor that can deliver an astounding 5,800 RPMs to allows it saw blade to cut easily through lumber. This innovative tool also has two built-in LED lights to provide extra light to the job surface, a bevel capacity of 0-degrees to 56-degrees, a cutting capacity of 2.5-inches at 90-degrees and a built-in dust blower to clear the line of sight.

2Dewalt 7.25-Inch Lighweight Saw

Although this is one of the smallest saws in its class, it still provides the power that most professionals need to get their work done. It has a 15-Amp motor that provides 5,100 RPMs of power that can make short work of most carpentry jobs. This saw only weighs 8.8-pounds, but it’s also equipped with a number of useful features. For instance, it has an electric brake that stops the blade quickly, a 57-degree beveling capacity, and an integrated dust blower. And it’s designed from the ground up to not only be tough but to also be easy enough to use for just about any job.

1Dewalt 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Saw

This circular saw is powerful, tough and is ready to get just about any job done. It has a 5,250 RPM motor that delivers the speed necessary to cut through tough lumber jobs, a 0-degree to 50-degree bevel capacity and a 6.5-inch carbide-tipped blade. This product uses a 20-volt MAX Li-ion battery that can be easily recharged and allows the saw to be used for off-grid applications. Other exciting features which can be noted on this innovative saw includes a high strength magnesium shoe, a 5/8-inch arbor size, and an easy to grip handle that helps to prevent operator fatigue.

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Circular Saw Buying Guide

Many people would be surprised by the number of companies producing circular saws nowadays. There are dozens of different companies, if not more, cranking out a wide variety of saws. And this can make it pretty difficult for consumers to find the ones that are best for what they need a circular saw to do. That’s why we’ve decided to go ahead and put together a guide that tells the average person what they should look for in their next circular saw. Although the following guide isn’t completely comprehensive, it does provide most user’s with a good basic outline.

Types of Saws

Circular saws come in a number of different styles which include regular corded models, cordless models, sidewinders and worm drives. Below is a quick breakdown of each available type.

  • Corded Saws: These can be plugged into an ordinary household electrical outlet and are known for their raw power. A disadvantage of these saws is that they are limited to being used around electrical outlets, and some of them can be quite heavy and bulky to use.
  • Cordless Saws: These models use rechargeable batteries, so they can be used for off-grid applications or in buildings that don’t have power. However, a drawback to these models is that they require frequent recharging and don’t usually have as much power as corded models.
  • Sidewinder Saws: Sidewinders aren’t used as often as other types of saws, but they’re a good option because they’re usually lightweight and are pretty powerful and versatile.
  • Worm Drives: These are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. That’s because they can be extremely powerful and can rip through just about anything–as long as they have the proper blade installed.

Blade Capacity

Blade capacity is a common-sense feature that is nonetheless very important to consider. The larger the blade on the circular saw, the larger its blade capacity. The most common blade diameter is approximately 7.25-inches. At this blade capacity, the circular saw can usually power through up to 2-inches of lumber in one single pass. Smaller blades, on the other hand, may require additional passes to get the same cut. That should always be kept in mind when searching for a new saw.


Power in a circular saw is measured in Amps, and the higher the Amps the more power delivered to the saw’s blade. However, an increase in power also means that there is usually an equivalent rise in the size of the saw and its price. Therefore, the user should always take their needs into consideration when purchasing a new saw, and not merely purchase the one with the most power.

Bevel Capacity

When looking at new saws, it’s also prudent to check the tool’s bevel capacity. This tells the user just what bevel cuts the tool is capable of doing.

Electric Brakes

Electric brakes are an important safety feature found on modern circular saws. When this feature is engaged, it reverses the flow of power in the motor of the circular saw. It’s usually engaged by releasing the trigger, and it stops the momentum of the blade almost immediately. They can usually stop the blade in only a second or two, which is critical if something should happen to go wrong.

Laser Guides

Although they’re not technically required for a circular saw to do its job, laser guides make it easier on the operator. With that being said, however, not every user likes using laser guides or wants to pay the increased price for this feature. Therefore, it’s up to the user whether they should buy one with laser guides equipped or not.

Other Features to Keep in Mind

Of course, the above list of features is only a few of the things the user is going to want to consider. There are other features that need to be considered when buying one of these saws. It’s just up to the user to keep in mind whether these features are important to them or not. Some of the other things to keep in mind are listed below.

  • Shaft or Spindle Locks
  • Bevel Stops
  • Blade Guards
  • Foot Plates
  • Depth Adjustments