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Anchor Chain


Here’s a rough step by step for carving a big anchor chain. It can also be tried on a smaller piece of wood.

End view of your log, cut out the shaded parts, you’ll be left with an X. 1

Then lay it sideways, it should look something like this. 2

Make staggered marks like here, by then you’ll start to see it.


Then start notching, it’s pretty simple. 4

To add the anchor (or anything) clamp one side of the end link to something, and smack the other side with a sledge hammer. It will snap off rather jagged, but will actually glue back together nicely. The Finished Chain. finishchain

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Dennis Beach Carves a Bear


Dennis Beach Carves a Bear
Hosted by Steve Buckus
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Carving Cypress Knees: Creating Whimsical Characters from One of Nature’s Most Unique Woods
Availability: In stock.
Price: $17.95

Cypress “knees” are the little stumps found in swamps of the southeastern United States that protrude from the water in varying shapes, sizes and colors, and have even been known for their excellent carving properties. Inside Carving Cypress Knees you’ll find all the tips and techniques you need for success:

  • An introduction of cypress knees, how to find them and how to “create” a knee from a basswood blank
  • Guidance on design and composition-plus a full color gallery of completed carvings to give you inspiration
  • Detailed step-by-step demonstrations on three projects, including a wood spirit, Santa’s face, and an elf or gnome
  • 8 pages of patterns for you to try-including an area inside the covers with “erasable blanks” for you to practice your designs before carving
  • A useful Resource Directory helps you locate cypress knees, and all the tools you’ll need
Carving Santas from Around the World: 15 Quick and Easy Projects to Make and Give
Availability: In stock.
Price: $14.95
This book shows the reader how to carve each of the 12 Santa’s presented in two different ways: as “standing” Santa’s and as “shelf-sitting” Santa’s. The first part of the book covers the basics of carving Santa’s. The author includes information on the carving and painting techniques, such as wood choice, basic cuts, carving tools, basic painting supplies and finishing materials.
The second part of the book focuses on how to carve the Santa’s. Readers have two options. They can carve either a standing Santa or a shelf-sitting Santa. Each standing Santa is approximately four inches tall, full-bodied, and can stand on a table-top or shelf. The shelf-sitters are flat-bottomed with the addition of swinging legs. These figures are carved specifically to sit on the edge of a shelf or desktop with legs dangling over the edge.
In this second section of the book, the author provides a step-by-step demonstration that shows the reader how to carve, paint and finish a standing, full-bodied Santa. An easy-to-follow pattern and finished photos of the carving start this section. Close-up photography and detailed captions cover the project from start to finish. The author then follows up this demonstration with a second demonstration on “shelf-sitters.” She shows the reader how to carve and join the body and legs.
The third section of the book includes patterns for the remaining 11 Santa’s. The patterns are specially designed for beginning carvers. Each has two components: a square on-the-wood pattern to help the reader get started, and a dimensional figure to help the reader finish the project. Patterns are included for both the standing and the shelf-sitting versions. Finished examples of each Santa are shown. These shots include views from several angles, plus close-ups as appropriate to provide the reader with a clear idea of the project. Historical notes on the origin of the Santa, plus carving and painting notes round out this section.
This book is ideal for beginning level carvers and will appeal to any carver who would like to expand his repertoire of Santa’s to carve for gifts or for sale.
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Carving Fantasy & Legend Figures in Wood: Patterns & Instructions for Dragons, Wizards & Other Creatures of Myth
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Recreate the Romance and Mystery of the Great Creatures of Legend

Since the dawn of recorded history, beings such as wizards, dragons, faeries, mermaids, and other creatures of lore
have been a part of many cultures. In Carving Fantasy & Legend Figures in Wood you値l find expert guidance on carving these fascinating figures, and you値l be encouraged to use these patterns to help spur unique design ideas of your own.

Inside, you find:

  • Useful tips and techniques
  • Step-by-step guidance on carving a wizard and a dragon傭oth illustrated with dozens of color photographs from start to finish
  • Inspirational full-color gallery of finished pieces
Wood Spirits and Green Men: A Design Sourcebook for Woodcarvers and Other Artists
Availability: In stock.
Price: $19.95

The Ultimate Design Sourcebook for Wood Spirits and Green Men.

Green Men and Wood Spirits, historical symbols that link the forces of nature and humanity, have re-emerged as popular subjects for woodcarvers as well as for artists of other mediums. In Wood Spirits and Green Men noted artist and author Lora S. Irish has created the ultimate sourcebook for carving these classic figures. Tips, techniques, illustrations and a full-color photo gallery provide the information and inspiration necessary to successfully create your own interpretation of this timeless icon -regardless of what medium you select.

What’s Inside:

  • An examination of the history and evolution of the Green Man and Wood Spirit symbols.
  • Step-by-step information for carving a Green Man and a Wood Spirit walking stick by renowned carvers Chris Pye and Shawn Cipa.
  • 40 ready-to-use, well-designed patterns and 50 premium illustrations.
  • Tips and techniques for drawing the human face for modifying existing Green Man and Wood Spirit patterns.
  • A gallery of eye-catching and inspiring photos from Clive Hicks displaying the historical – and informative — architectural contexts of the Green Man.

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