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Question? How do you carve a face, dimensions and setting it up to carve?
A human head looking at it from the side should fit into a square from under the chin to the top of the head, from the back the head to the tip of the nose. The head is 3/4 as wide as it is long and high. The eyes and head should be sized so that 5 eye lengths will go across the head where the 2 eyes go, the eyes should be one eye width apart. The front of the face is divided into 4 parts, 3 equal ones and the hair part. The 3 equal ones are from under the chin to under the nose, under the nose to the eye brow line, and the eye brow line to the hair line. The hair line is 10% of the top of the head. The middle of the eyes are half way between the top of the head and chin. The corners of the mouth should be even with the center of the eyes. The bottom of the nose should be 1 eye wide. The top of the ears should be located near with the eye brow line, the bottom of the ears aligned with an area between the upper lip and bottom of the nose line. The distance of a face is  equal from ear to ear on the bottom across the face, to chin to eyebrows. Also this measurement is equal from the tip of the nose to the front of the ears.
Question? I am new to carving and would like tips on starting to carve mushrooms?
I like to carve my mushrooms upside down. that is carve the stem first. It is so much easier to see the stem to carve it and also to carve the bottom of the cap. I then turn it over and do the cap. I do different caps. Some I like to do into a toad stool to sit around the campfire or for footrests. Some I make two or 3 smaller ones on it. I then like to do opposite of other carvings. I bring them in to sit around the wood stove to crack. When they are dried out and cracked I then take a grinder and round off the cracked edges. I like to finish most of my mushrooms with Behr deck sealer. It's good for a long time and gives the mushrooms a golden/brown to make them look better then with a spar. I otherwise leave them unfinished after rounding the crack corners or paint them as desired.
Tip by Ed Meyers - For planting the mushrooms at random in the yard, drill a hole in the bottom and install rebar rod in bottom to put in the ground. This eliminates the base needed for standing them. Doc Parker says it makes them easy to paint too.


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