Step by step cleaning oil pump by Doug Ricks

I remove and clean an oil pump. For the lack of the correct terminology I call the parts what I call the parts. These are little ECHO's cs3000, cs301, cs3450, cs340 etc. I don't seem to have this problem with the bigger saws. First take out the spark plug and install the piston plug or as was said, you can stuff a piece of starter rope in the cylinder till it won't take any more rope.
Next take the sprocket, bar, and chain cover off and remove the sprocket. To do this I use a sprocket remover. But I'm sure someone can explain a way to do it if you don't have sure a tool.
Remove the screws. If your not a mechanic like me "MAKE" sure you lay the parts in order as you take them off.
I then pry and lift the pump up and out. You will also want to lift out the top hose, if you don't it is harder to get the pump off the shaft.
I took starting fluid and sprayed it in the hoses and blow it out with air. Then also took the filter out of the tank and cleaned it and sprayed that hose with starter fluid and air. Yes I use starter fluid to clean EVERYTHING. Hey it works good and yes get a good buzz too. Just kidding use that stuff out doors. Here's the oil pump, spray it clean.
There should be a plastic plug on the end. Remove this. You should see some grease and dirt/oil buildup.
Now take the pump apart and clean it and clean it good. Check to make sure the little rubber O ring is not split or deformed. If so you will have to get a new ring or just buy a new pump.
After it's clean put it back together. Insert the pump as you took it out. Next put a dab of grease on the cam and insert it the same and put the locking ring on. then put a dab of grease in the hole and put on the cap.
Walla its done and your ready to install it. Just reverse the process as you took it out. Start the saw and the oil should come pouring out. At least mine did.
Hang it on your saw wall and grab another.
Hope this help some of you I know it saved me a bunch of cash. Besides it was raining all day so had to do something productive.
Doug Ricks