Bar Oils

Here's a step by step to finding and cleaning (replacing) that little check valve filter for the fuel tanks on ECHO CS3000,CS301,CS3450,CS340,CS306.
Will be doing the CS370's tomorrow. After doing a couple it takes about 10 min to do one. The local shop wanted 25 bucks each to do this. It easy to do if you have just a few tools.
So here we go. I hope it helps everyone that is having the same problem I have been having with the vapor lock when the saw gets hot.

First I remove the flywheel cover

Next clean all the buildup of saw dust and oil inside and under the cover you removed. This will also help the saw run cooler.

All clean. I spray starting fluid all over it and then blow it out with air hose.

next take out the spark plug and replace with a piston stop plug. This will hold the piston while you are turning the nut that holds the flywheel on.

Remove the nut turning in counter clockwise direction

This next step is just a little tricky if you dont have 3 hands. After the nut is off I take a center punch and hold it as you see in the pic. You have to pull up on the flywheel and hold the punch while taping it with a small hammer while pulling up on the flywheel, till it comes loose.

Walla its off.

Spray more starting fluid again and blow it clean with air

Pull this little plug out.

I use a set of big hemostats to lock on to it and pull it out. It is in there real tight so be careful not to pull the hose off it.

There it is

see all the build up. No wonder it cant get air to the tank.

I took it apart and cleaned it with starting fluid and put it back together. It would be best to just buy a new one but they closed today at noon and I didn't get started clean these saws till after lunch. So if clean them don't work I'll be taking um apart again to replace with new ones.

Put it back on the hose and insert it back in place.

When replacing the flywheel make sure you align the key with the key way on the flywheel. Tighten the nut back on.

Remove the piston stop plug and put your plug back in, This is also a good time to replace the plug if needed.
Put on the cover and your ready for more cutting.
I hope this help someone, I know it sure is a relief to know it was just a little thing and not some thing big that was giving me all the trouble.
Have a good day of carving but take time for maintenance.